A business is all about its people and here at SpanSet Australia we have a great team working hard within our various departments to ensure SpanSet offers the best in Height Safety, Lifting and Load Control.

Our head office and purpose-built manufacturing facility is located in Emu Plains, Western Sydney. Approximately 50 employees work in the facility, with 40-plus working on the manufacturing aspect of the business. In addition, we have a branch in Perth and specialist sales representatives around the country.

Customer Support

The Customer Support Team are focused on ensuring all customer enquiries, issues, and orders are dealt with as efficiently as possible.

If our knowledgeable staff cannot answer an enquiry directly, they will ensure one of our technical experts at SpanSet will help. The team liaises with all departments throughout SpanSet, assisting customers with quoting, arranging inspections, and processing orders.



The Operations area at SpanSet consists of:

- Production

- Warehousing & Distribution

- Internal Inspection


The Production Department is responsible for manufacturing equipment within the required specifications and lead times. Our highly skilled and diligent workforce has specialist skills and years of experience manufacturing SpanSet's safety-critical products.


The Warehouse and Distribution Department holds and stores incoming and outgoing goods in readiness for onward movement to Production or the customer. Stock accuracy is vital, and perpetual inventories are carried out. Delivering customer orders on time, to the correct specification and with all required certification is essential. Great care is taken by staff to ensure all orders are dispatched accurately and on time.


The Internal Inspection Team inspect a wide range of equipment where a keen eye for detail is required. Our inspection team are trained and accredited internally and have also travelled around the world for further training at suppliers' sites. 


Product Management


The Product Management Team is responsible for overseeing our range of products and services. This includes developing and maintaining a range of appropriately certified products and can be technically demonstrated as "fit for purpose".


Research and Development address the ever-evolving needs of our customers and industry. Our Product Managers and engineers have a wealth of product knowledge and industry experience, which, when combined with the technical and engineering expertise at SpanSet, leads to the introduction of innovative products and services.


The Product Management Team's aim is not to simply sell a product; an important aspect of the team's work is ongoing support for customers with whole solutions to their operational challenges. 


Sales & Industry Specialists


The SpanSet Sales Team is responsible for liaising with our customers to ensure they get the very best from our products and services. They work with all departments throughout SpanSet, helping customers select the most suitable equipment for the job at hand.  


Our Industry Specialists have worked in a wide variety of industry sectors and bring a depth of product knowledge and experience to the SpanSet Sales Team. 


Many customers have dealt with SpanSet for decades, and building excellent customer relationships is vital to us. To find your closest SpanSet Sales Representative, please contact our Customer Service Team


Marketing and IT Department


The Marketing Team are responsible for communicating SpanSet's message of our strong brand heritage - being an industry leader in Height Safety, Lifting and Load Control products. Drawing on the wealth of technical expertise at SpanSet, the team writes creative content – news articles, website pages, social media posts and more - to inform customers about our products and services in a clear, understandable and engaging way.


The IT Department looks after SpanSet's IT Infrastructure. In addition to keeping our IT systems running smoothly, our IT Department continuously works on improvements to make life easier for everyone here at SpanSet.