Making our Mark in History! 


For over 50 years SpanSet have been at the forefront of innovation.

Erik Ehnimb was the founder of SpanSet, and he contributed to the manufacture of the modern seatbelt first introduced by Volvo in 1959. Volvo approached the ribbon weaving companies AB Textilkonst and Klippan, co-owned by Erik Ehnimb, with instructions to develop a safety belt for its vehicles.

Together with Volvo engineers, Klippan developed the first car safety belt in the world, made of high-strength fabric ribbon. It was installed in models Amazon and 544 for the 1st time in 1959 and caused a lot of astonishment in public and ensured an enduring image of Swedish inventions as both pioneering and durable.

The car safety belt was a great success, and soon other manufacturers had also installed it. Thanks to the great demand, Erik Ehnimb founded the SpanSet company in Malmö in 1966.

Ribbons produced by SpanSet were quickly and enthusiastically employed in many other areas, where up to that point, chains and wire ropes had been used, as in the case of the transport of paper. The customers appreciated the enormous load-bearing capacity of the new lashing and lifting belts.

In 1967, Mr. Ehnimb founded SpanSet AG in Hombrechtikon in the Zurich highlands with additional companies in Germany, Italy, France, and England. Later, companies in Asia, America, and Australia were added, thus forming a global distribution network.

SpanSet’s vast experience in webbing-based products provided the perfect background to develop a wide range of Round Slings and Ratchet Lashings and much more.  Our innovations continue to this day with new developments pushing beyond basic Australian Standards for design.

Q. Who invented the modern roundsling together with the Standard colour coding system for Round Slings?
A. SpanSet!

Q. Who invented Ratchet Lashings?

A. SpanSet!