Are you buying genuine 'SpanSets' or imitations?

In 1987, SpanSet Australia pioneered synthetic slings in Australia, into a market that previously used wire and chain as the primary materials in lifting assemblies. The use of synthetic slings subsequently reduced manual handling risks, making synthetic slings second nature. Therefore, SpanSet Lifting Slings and Ratchet Assemblies are regularly referred to generically as 'SpanSet's' in the same way vacuum cleaners are simply known as 'Hoovers' in the UK and in America they say "Pass the Kleenex", never mind who actually manufactured them! 

So why compromise on cheap imitations when you can benefit from over 50 years of SpanSet global innovation and over 30 years of SpanSet Australia's advanced development and manufacturing? Buy quality products from a progressive Industry Leader.


For over 50 years SpanSet have been at the forefront of innovation. 

The company founders were involved in the design of the world’s first car safety belts which were made of high-strength fabric ribbon.  Many pioneering and durable inventions soon followed and were quickly and enthusiastically employed in many other areas where up to that point chains and wire ropes had been used.  SpanSet’s vast experience in webbing-based products provided the perfect background to develop a wide range of Round Slings and Ratchet Lashings and much more.  Our innovations continue to this day with new developments pushing beyond basic Australian Standards for design.

Q. Who invented the modern roundsling together with the Standard colour coding system for Round Slings?
A. SpanSet!

Q. Who invented Ratchet Lashings?

A. SpanSet!

It may well be ‘imitation is the greatest form of flattery’ however when buying a genuine ‘SpanSet’ you are assured all our products are backed by trusted quality controls, technical expertise and support.

When lifts and loads are more important than ever and worker safety is critical, SpanSet Australia are proud to be able to offer premium safety products throughout Australia and beyond. How can we support you? Enquire here.