Gotcha CRD Ladder

Gotcha CRD Ladder

Controlled Rate Descent Rescue Kit

  • up to 100m
  • Automatic descender suitable for direct lowering with minimal input from the rescuer
  • Winch function enables lifting for short distances
  • No cut operation
  • Suitable for rescue, or evacuation of mulitple workers
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For fixed ladder and tower rescue situations where the rescuer will climb above the casualty, perform the rescue by lifting the casualty to release their fall protection equipment and lower them safely to ground.

This is a no-cut kit.  The casualty is raised to release their original attachment. No risk of accidental release of casualty.

Pre-assembled.  No assembly is required by the user. Kits are packed ready to be used.

Suitable for Lifting and Lowering the casualty to safety.

Suitable for evacuation from high structures where constant rate lowering and minimal user input are required.

Suitable for multiple evacuations.  Once the first user has safely descended the system can be used by additional users in quick succession.

The Gotcha CRD is rated for loads up to 140kg.

Maximum working length 100m.

Product downloads and manuals

Instruction manual
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