Heavy-duty Round sling from 10-50t with an elasticated protective sleeve

Magnum®Plus Flex

Unparalleled flexibility, uncompromising protection

Expands optimally under load, forgetting the creases that reduce load capacity even on a narrow hook.

Special weaving technique for the innovative cover

Made of robust, cut and abrasion resistant High-performance Polyester

When the cover expands under load, the upper layer sinks into the lower layer creates a kind of double fabric to prevents holes from forming in the protective sleeve.

From 10 to 50 tonnes

With tear-resistant label as standard, which stores all relevant data for maintenance work and test procedures.

In lengths of 2 to 60 metres.The hose itself is protected from damage by the reinforced and extremely robust selvedge. 
*RFID transponder integrated into the label.

Fits into narrow hooks without being crushed

The flexible tube also makes handling easier.

The slim round sling also fits into narrow hooks without being crushed or losing any of its load-bearing capacity. The flexible tube also makes handling easier.

Factory standard guarantees

Longer service life for premium products

Magnum®Plus Flex fulfils the SpanSet factory standard, whose quality specifications go beyond the relevant standards and laws.

This applies, for example, to longer life cycles. SpanSet also tests various combinations with shackles and the combination of slings and protective sleeves for round slings that are subject to the factory standard.

SpanSet co-operates with experts from Dekra and the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV).

Manufactured in accordance with EN 1492-2.

MagnumPlus Flex
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Confidence and technical support must be exhaustive to work with Heavy Loads!

Exoset Lifting Clamps

Vertical transport of plates

suitable for the lifting, turning (180°), moving and vertical transfer of sheet materials, plates and fabrications.

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SupraPlus X Round Sling

Ideal for a wide range of Lifting applications

From 500 Kg to 8.000 Kg Working Load Limit

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All SpanSet Heavy Duty Roundsling from 10 to 450 tonne