SupraPlus X
Round sling

Robust and compact round sling
from 0.5t to 8t

SpanSet - Certified Safety

The new SupraPlus-X round sling

The „X“ makes the difference

With 55 years of experience, SpanSet today stands for innovative slings that make working with heavy loads safe and more economical. We never stand still, but are constantly developing ourselves and our products. This drive enables us to set new standards throughout the industry time and again. The latest proof: the new SupraPlus-X round sling – even more compact, durable and resistant than its predecessor and of course, it comes with SpanSet‘s proven, certified quality.

Product Advantages

  New   50 % increased tear resistance

The double proportion of high-performance fibre in the rib reinforcement offers improved abrasion and tear resistance – for the longest service life and less wear, even under the toughest conditions.

  New   9 % reduced hose width

The more compactly designed SupraPlus-X is easy to handle and also fits into smaller hooks – without any loss of load capacity. Overlapping of the slings is also effectively avoided due to the smaller width.

Textile wire reinforcement in the hose cover

For maximum safety and reliability, even under the toughest operating conditions: Like its predecessor, the new SupraPlus-X also has a textile wire reinforce - ment woven into the hose, which effectively prevents the round sling from tearing or tearing further.

Raised woven-in load capacity information

Confusion is impossible: The raised load capacity in - formation woven into the cover of the sling is legible even when the round sling is heavily soiled. This me - ans you can identify the right sling with the required load capacity at a glance; the work process becomes faster and safer.

Unique, tear-resistant label

If the label is lost or illegible, the use of a sling is prohibited. For this reason, our label is sewn on to be tear-proof and is additionally protected against dirt and abrasion by a transparent protective tube.

RFID optional*

Optionally, the SupraPlus-X can also be equipped with an RFID transponder. In combination with the IDXpert net testing software, the documentation of the tests is accelerated and simplified.


Effortlessly lifts even heavy loads

The SupraPlus-X is not only extremely robust, but also particularly versatile: Its robust and compact design makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, while offering optimum protection against damage to the load, such as that which can occur when using chains or wire ropes. Handling is also easy and safe for the user. Among other things injuries caused by protruding wire strands are avoided.

The narrow width of the SupraPlus-X makes it easy to use, even on smaller hooks. With standard working lengths upwards of 0.5 metres and a working load limit (WLL) of 500 to 8,000 kg, it effortlessly lifts even heavy loads.



Safety is our top priority

"Certified Safety“: for us, this is more than our company slogan – it is our own developed safety standard! The SupraPlus-X is not only GS-certified, it also meets our own strict requirements with the SpanSet factory standard.

.DNV was the godfather in the development of the factory standard. It ensures its further development and internationalisation for our globally active customers in annual audits. This means we go one step further in terms of safety and also take into account combinations with shackles and protective hoses as well as extended service life tests. Safe is safe!

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