What is the rescue scenario?

Case 1

Fallen from a working platform
and is suspended
from their fall arrest equipment

They are out of reach and require first aid urgently. 
eg.  A fall while erecting Scaffold

Kit for case 1

  New   Gotcha2

The Industry Standard Rescue Kit

Safeguarding scaffolders and the trades working in the Construction, Oil & Gas, Nuclear etc Industries.

  • Up to 50m
  • Intuitive to use by casualty’s co workers
  • Equally efficient for lifting or lowering
  • No cut operation  
  • Pulley system for efficient lifting

Case 2

Fallen and is suspended when
climbing a mast, or tower and cannot safely climb down without help

They need assistance from an experienced rigger to navigate a potentially complex descent to safety.
eg. Telecoms and Pylon rescue

Kit for case 2

Gotcha Shark

High Access Rescue Kit

For experienced Tower/Mast Climbers and Riggers.

  • Up to 180m
  • Safe bladeless cutting operation
  • Designed descender certified for the controlled lowering of the weight of two workers
  • Casualty can be accompanied and hazards avoided during descent
  • For Rescue & Evacuation 

Case 3

Injured or incapacitated while
working on a very tall structure with limited access

They need to be lowered from the remote location to ground level for first aid to be administered.
eg. Tower crane driver rescue

Kit for case 3

Gotcha CRD

Controlled Rate Descent Rescue Kit

For rescue from Tower Cranes or fixed ladders on wind turbines, industrial warehousing, telecoms towers etc

  • Up to 200m
  • Automatic descender suitable for direct lowering with minimal user input.
  • Winch system enables lifting for short distances.
  • No cut operation
  • For Rescue & Evacuation (of multiple users)

Rescue and Evacuation Training

SpanSet Rescue and Evacuation courses are designed to provide our clients with all the necessary information, instruction and training to operate both safely and efficiently when faced with what could be a stressful situation.
Our extensive training facilities allow us to simulate many real life rescue and evacuation situations. Open courses held nationwide and on site .

Training is essential before you use these kits. Gotcha Kit training only available from SpanSet.

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