Ratchet Lashing ABS 50mm, LC 25kN

Ratchet Lashing ABS 50mm, LC 25kN

Item Number: 2022061
SSID ERP Code: 20020/1-4M-07
SpanSet Ratchet Lashing 20020 Endless, 4m. Webbing Width 50mm, Color Flavin.
  • Manufactured in accordance to EN 12195-2
  • Made from highest grade material
  • Unique Serial Number on each single product for traceability and inspection record
  • Optional accessories are available to improve load securing application
  • Supplied with Certificate of Conformance, Product Identification Label and User Manual book
  • Available in standard and customized length

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Tension Force Indicator

Show the pre-tensioning force achieved

With the TFI you can read off the pre-tensioning forces achieved in the lashing system when tying down loads and use this information in load control calculations.


"Anti-Belt-Slip" procedure

Controlled tension liberation

The ABS system was developed for loads with a risk of tipping and allows the user to release the pretension in small steps. The lashing can also be opened completely.


Protective sleeve label

optimally protected, reinforced with selvedge

In addition to the tear-resistant design with a fabric lining, a robust plastic sleeve perfectly protects the writing from abrasion and dirt. The webbing insert, equipped as standard, also prolongs the service life.


Epoxy resin coating

Maximum ratchet protection

Ratchets are first zinc-plated, then chrome-plated and coated with a shock-resistant epoxy resin coat which additionally protects the ratchets from e.g. rust.

Product Technical Information

  • Standard Tension Force: 450 daN
  • Norms: EN 12195-2: 2001
  • Webbing Width B: 50
  • Label Protection: Yes
  • Webbing Material: 100% Polyester, thermofixed and low-stretch
  • Main Material: Polyester
  • Ratchet Type: Push-up
  • Tension Force Indicator (TFI): Yes
  • Lashing Type: One-piece
  • Packaging Unit (PU): pcs
  • Packaging Unit (PU) Content: 1
  • Lashing Capacity: 2500 daN

Product downloads and manuals

Instruction Manual
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Instruction Manual_2
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Technical Drawings

Item Number Item Name Weight Net Dimension L1
SSID ERP Code: 20020/1-4M-07
20020/1-4M-07 3.2 kg 4 m
SSID ERP Code: 20020/1-6M-07
20020/1-6M-07 3.8 kg 6 m
SSID ERP Code: 20020/1-8M-07
20020/1-8M-07 4.4 kg 8 m
SSID ERP Code: 20020/1-10M-07
20020/1-10M-07 5.1 kg 10 m
SSID ERP Code: 20020/1-12M-07
20020/1-12M-07 5.7 kg 12 m