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Introducing the SpanSet Load Control Buyers Guide

An intuitive, digital guide designed to help Drivers, Loaders and Operators navigate to
find the ideal Load Control Solution which you can use on your own PC
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Edge Protection

Protect your Loads and your lashing equipment as well
  • Accessory for positioning and storage
  • An inexpensive solution for everyday transport applications
  • Protects your cargo and also your lashing equipment from rough surfaces and sharp edges




Protecting your load to avoid unnecessary damage
  • Offers high cut resistance
  • High performance fibre protects your loads
  • Protects your cargo with sharp edges 




Additional Load Security for Trolley/wheels

A Staput strip is simply placed on the trailer deck behind the wheels of the loaded trolley
  • Profile provides a means of chocking the wheels of a loaded trolley
  • Eliminate any excessive movement during transit
  • Also used to assist with loading/unloading of trolleys when the trailer is on an incline
  • Ideal for retail goods, food and mail distribution