Delivering Safely


An intuitive, digital guide designed to help Drivers, Loaders and Operators navigate to find their ideal Load Control Solution which you can use on your PC.

Not sure what equipment you need?

Simply select your type of vehicle below and follow the steps.

  1. First choose the vehicle – from Panel Van to Low Loader, a wide range of delivery vans, trucks and trailers are listed

  2. Decide between Direct or Frictional Lashings – not sure which?  Don’t worry, the guide includes clear descriptions of both options to make decisions simpler.

  3. Can you block the load or increasing Friction? – if suitable, the guide will take you to the correct products.

  4. What about the anchor? – The Guide includes clear information on the various anchor options available.

  5. Choose your lashing – SpanSet invented the ratchet lashing, select from our comprehensive range.

  6. Edge Protection – protect the lashing and your load.

Once you have completed the above you can prepare a load plan that would also consider how the load is arranged for uploading at its destination as well as the distribution of the load within the vehicle.  This Load Plan should also consider the safety of the Loader.


If the driver/worker responsible for securing a load onto a vehicle doesn’t know how the lashing capacity of the chain/web lashing; the angle that they are applied; the weight of the load and the friction between the load and loading surface affect the security of the load - THEY NEED TRAINING – IT’S TIME TO BOOK A COURSE!