Lifting bag/tub with handle and an integral lifting sling

Item Number: 2022342
SSUK ERP Code: 2022342
Rigid Lifting Bag 60kg SWL 300mm dia x 400mm tall
  • Safe Working Load 60kg
  • Durable construction for harsh environments
  • Fill level lid prevents overload
  • Complete Closure prevents dropped objects while lifting
  • Fully certified lifting assembly
  • Individually serial numbers for traceability
  • Sling protection on high abrasion areas for longevity
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This is a robust lifting bag/tub made from cut resistant materials with a hinged lid with handle and an integral lifting sling. The Safe Working Load (SWL) for this lifting bag is 60kg. Its diameter is 300mm and its internal height is 400mm.

This lifting bag has been designed to lift sharp-edged loads that would cut or prematurely wear traditional lifting bags made from PVC fabric or canvas. Originally designed to lift scaffold fittings, this bag can also be used to lift large nuts and bolts, sharp tools and even cold, cut metal scrap. A number of 5mm slots in the base of the bag allows rainwater to drain away.

This item is classed as a lifting accessory so it can be attached to the lifting hooks of cranes, hoists and Gin Wheel ropes, and used as part of a formal lifting system. It can also be attached to suitable lifting ropes using suitable Karabiner style connectors.

The lifting sling is made from 45mm Polyester Webbing, stitched together with Polyester thread.

The main carcass is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is secured with load-bearing Steel and Aluminium Rivets.

Product Technical Information

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