Safe Lifting Kit

Safe Lifting Kit

Manual rope hoist lifting kit with drop proof auto lock function

Item Number: 2008518
SSUK ERP Code: SLK-150/25M
Safe Lifting Kit 25m
150Kg Safe Working Load, 25m Long Rope
  • Drop-proof auto-lock function to protect workers if the rope is release accidentally during a lift
  • Pre-assembled to be quick to set-up and use
  • Everything required for a safe lift is in the kit bag; anchor sling, pulley, rope, safety hooks.
  • Provides a mechanical advatage of 2:1 for lifting light loads
  • Designed to be used with our "ScaffGrip" range of scaffold component lifting accessories
  • Individually serial numbered certification for traceability
  • CE approved to EN13157:2004 + A1:2009

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The Safe Lifting Kit is designed for safely lifting light loads and incorporates an “auto drop-proof function” for total safety.

The mechanical advantage of the pulley system requires the worker to lift only 50% of the loads actual mass.

The drop-proof function will automatically arrest the load if the worker releases the rope at any time while the load is suspended from the pulley system.


The Safe Lifting Kit is intended for use with light loads up to a maximum of150Kg in a single lift.

The maximum height the kit can be used to raise a load from ground level is normally calculated as a 1/3 of the total rope length.


Length of Rope           Maximum working height from ground level

25m                               8m

50m                               16m

75m                               25m

100m                             33m

150m                             50m

It can be used indoors or outdoors and allows the user to lift light loads in compliance with the lifting regulations, LOLER.

LOLER defines lifting equipment as “work equipment for lifting or lowering loads and includes it's attachments used for' anchoring, fixing or supporting it” and “a load includes any materials that are lifted by the lifting equipment”. 

All manner of loads such as tools,  equipment, scaffold components etc., can be lifted and lowered safely and with properly rated equipment. 

This kit is ideal when paired with our scaffold lifting accessoires, such as the ScaffGrip Hook, ScaffGrip Tube, ScaffGrip Board and Grabba Lifting Bag.

Product Technical Information

  • WLL: 150 kg
  • Safety Factor: 4:1
  • Rope Diameter: 11 mm
  • Lifting Hook: 17238 CAX-8-10 G10 2.5t
  • Crane Hook: 17238 CAX-8-10 G10 2.5t
  • Packaging Unit (PU): pcs
  • Packaging Unit (PU) Content: 1

Product downloads and manuals

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(en en_US)

Item Number Item Name Height of Lift Maximum Length
SSUK ERP Code: SLK-150/25M
Safe Lifting Kit 25m 8 m 25 m
SSUK ERP Code: SLK-150/50M
Safe Lifting Kit 50m 16 m 50 m
SSUK ERP Code: SLK-150/75M
Safe Lifting Kit 75M 25 m 75 m
SSUK ERP Code: SLK-150/100M
Safe Lifting Kit 100M 33 m 100 m
SSUK ERP Code: SLK-150/150
Safe Lifting Kit 150M 50 m 150 m