ScaffGrip Tube

ScaffGrip Tube

Scaffold Tube Lifting Sling

Item Number: 2019239
ScaffGrip Tube 30kg (4 Pack)
ScaffGrip Tube Lifting Sling 30Kg (sold in packs of 4)
  • Provide a secure grip on the load
  • Protected by a 100% polyester outer tubular sleeve
  • A lifting eye is formed at one end from semi-static polyamide rope to connect the sling to the hook
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ScaffGrip Lifting Slings are lifting accessories designed to provide a convenient method of lifting scaffold tubes and boards in complete safety. They provide a grip around the scaffold board or tube to prevent the item from slipping or dropping during lifting and avoiding accidents as a consequence. The ScaffGrip lifting slings have a safe working load of 30Kg making them suitable to lift all standard wooden scaffold boards and steel scaffold tubes.

What can I use with it?

The ScaffGrip Board is intended for lifting a single BS 2482 38mm timber scaffolding board. The ScaffGrip Tube is intended for lifting a single BS EN 39 scaffolding tube. It can be used in conjunction with a SpanSet Safe Lifting Kit to safely lift scaffold equipment. Alternatively the ScaffGrip Tube or ScaffGrip Board can be connected directly into a lifting hook or via a shackle.

Who can use it?

All lifting operations should be carried out by a competent person who has been trained in the correct use of the equipment. If you are not sure how to correctly use your SpanSet Scaffold sling you should contact SpanSet Training for advice.

How long will it last?

The product has no maximum service life. The condition of the product must be controlled in accordance with LOLER, this requires a thorough examination to be carried out at not more than six monthly intervals by a competent person. The competent person may impose a stricter inspection programme depending on the environment and conditions of use. A pre-use inspection should be conducted prior to each use. The lifespan may be reduced by the effects of any damage or wear and tear. All SpanSet slings carry unique serial numbers to enable identification for inspection and accurate traceability.

How has it been tested?

All SpanSet lifting slings are CE marked as lifting accessories under the Machinery Directive. The CE marking process includes controlled type testing to the sling’s Minimum Break Strength. The SpanSet manufacturing process is quality controlled and audited by the British Standards Institute to the international.

Product Technical Information

  • Packaging Unit (PU): pcs
  • Packaging Unit (PU) Content: 4

Product downloads and manuals

ScaffGrip Tube Sling Instruction Manual
ScaffGrip Lifting Slings