Happy Retirement, Glyn!

Glyn Williams has been an integral part of SpanSet for over 36 years.  He started work with us back in 1987 as Assistant Storeperson, soon progressing into Buying/Stock Co-ordinator and then onto his current position as Purchasing Manager. 

Glyn Retired on Friday 5th Jan 2024 – he is not one for fuss so to celebrate, it was his choice that everyone had a bacon butty, a genuine gesture for all the colleagues he worked with.

Pete Ward, MD felt if that was what Glyn wanted the management owed him the respect to do it well and decided to take on the cooking themselves to ensure everything was fresh and hot.  It was also their way of saying a personal thank you.

Pete W, Jo Powell, Sam Wilkinson and Chris James were on butty duty – and what great butties they were, made with decent bacon and sausages or vegetarian options.

Glyn will certainly be missed by everyone here at SpanSet, however we do hope he enjoys many future adventures during his well-deserved retirement, including spending more free time following his team, Manchester City!

Pete Ward, MD - Checking quality control in the kitchen

Everyone tucking in - delicious, thanks Glyn!