Gotcha Rescue Helmet Badge Launch with ALTRAD

We were delighted to welcome colleagues from ALTRAD to the SpanSet Training Centre earlier this week for the official launch of our new Gotcha Rescuer Helmet Badge.


Pete Ward, MD explains why the badges were designed:

‘In a workplace if accidents occur, we need to be prepared to act quickly. Having a list of qualified first aiders and a clearly marked first aid kit certainly helps, but I remember the first time I saw a first aid helmet sticker and thought that just makes sense.

What a great idea, not only can you spot first aiders more easily, but you start to remember subconsciously who they are, just in case.

Rescue from height may not be important for every worker, however for those using Fall Arrest Harnesses and Lanyards it is essential.

When we created the Gotcha range of Rescue kits we felt it was important that the kits stood out, just like a fire extinguisher or first aid kit. The training we offer to support the kits ensures that rescuers are confident and capable should they be required.

The new Gotcha rescuer badges will help those on site identify trained people and remember them - just in case’.

SpanSet are the main suppliers of PFPE, including Gotcha Rescue Kits to ALTRAD.  In support of this important relationship, SpanSet's Technical Specialists Chris James and Simon Mitchell have been busy visiting over twenty ALTRAD sites to advise on maintaining  best practice with rescue from height preparedness.  Inviting ALTRAD to celebrate the launch of our new Gotcha helmet badge was a natural progression from these visits.

Six Altrad Scaffolders completed their GOTCHA2 training and were the first to be awarded our NEW Gotcha Rescuer  helmet Badge.  Congratulations to you all!

Fellow workers on site will now be able to quickly identify these SpanSet trained Gotcha Rescuers should a rescue from height be required.


Our Thanks to ALTRAD for supporting the launch of our new Gotcha Rescue Badges.  Such  initiatives highlight the importance and seriousness given by all parties to the safety of workers on site.

We are passionate about developing strong working relationships with our customers, helping them maintain excellent safety records.  Safety – it’s what we do.

"It was great to be back at SpanSet and to be a part of this important initiative. Altrad have a long standing relationship with SpanSet and the support they provide is paramount to the highest standards Altrad are striving for.

The Gotcha Rescue Badge launch is just another element that will only benefit the teams on the ground, but will also provide peace of mind to Altrad clients." Steve Ingle - Technical Authority Scaffolding & Temproary Works

I just wanted to send over a follow up email and thank you for accommodating us last Thursday and being such amazing hosts as always. The idea behind the stickers on hats to clearly identify who’s been trained is a brilliant idea and I’m fully supportive of this initiative you have rolled out.

It was a brilliant day and well received by our scaffolders involved, we cannot wait to see the pictures and video footage from the day. Its great to work in collaboration with yourselves from product supplies through to our training and will continue to use Spanset as we do literally trust you as the experts.

Pass on our Thanks to Peter for inviting us to the amazing Middlewich facility and the rest of the team for making the day happen!  Dean Butler HSEQ Advisor - ALTRAD

Train with SpanSet - the home of Gotcha

Look for the badge!

Only SpanSet Instructors are qualified to teach genuine Gotcha Rescue courses.


SpanSet are Market Leaders in Height Safety Training and are proud to have trained 1000’s of Height Safety workers in the correct use of the Gotcha Rescue kit range. 

We wanted to help identify SpanSet trained Gotcha Rescuers to the rest of the workforce on site and have recently designed a Gotcha Rescue helmet badge.

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