MATS - Tower Climbing & Rescue EUSR Cards to go Virtual 


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From 14th February, individuals gaining a new EUSR registration will be issued with a virtual card. A physical smart card can also be requested if needed.

To access their virtual card, a newly registered individual will be sent a text with a link to download an app on their mobile phone (either Android or Apple). The app will contain their virtual EUSR card, including details of all active registrations.

When asked to produce the card, the individual will open the app and show the virtual card. The card checker will validate this using a free app called Checarda, which can be used with or without internet access. Alternatively, the individual’s details can still be checked by entering them on the EUSR register search (available 24/7 at Virtual cards will all display a card expiry date.

Carole Bishop, Head of Registrations at Energy & Utility Skills, commented: “We’re pleased to announce the introduction of virtual cards, the next step in our ongoing programme of investment into EUSR. Firstly, virtual cards are more convenient; no more carrying around lots of different plastic cards and no more lost cards. Secondly, it significantly reduces the plastic we, and our employers, are using in line with our sector-wide drive toward greater sustainability.”

If a plastic EUSR registration card is also required, then a new smart card will be available.  This smart card will look and feel the same as the current card (including all of the EUSR registration details on the reverse) but users will notice a new card expiry date and a contactless symbol which means the card contains a chip that is also readable by the Checarda app.

The plastic smart card will be available on request for a small additional charge.

Virtual and smart cards will be launched on the 14th February 2022 for all new EUSR registrations.

For existing registrations, a virtual card will be available later in 2022. The EUSR team will not be able to issue a virtual card without a mobile number. From November 2021, training providers will be able to submit mobile numbers with individual registrations. It is recommended they begin to do this for all individuals as this will ensure a smooth transition to virtual cards during 2022. The mobile can be either a company or a private number. Nearer to the launch of virtual cards, individuals will also be able to login to our QuartzWeb system from the EUSR website and input their mobile phone details directly.

If you have any queries, please visit the EUSR virtual smartcard FAQ page or contact SpanSet customer support Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm via email: or tel: 01606 737494.