Managed Contract

Comprehensive. Access to Technical Expertise. Peace of Mind. Contract. 

Designed for businesses requiring help planning and implementing the independent inspection, testing and record administration of larger volumes of equipment.  Ideal for companies wanting a trusted third party to manage inspections, including national and larger companies who operate over several sites often with numerous company vans.

Be confident in a SpanSet Inspection:
  • SpanSet are safety equipment manufacturers – we understand equipment and have a wide range of spares in stock for ease of replacement.
  •  Highly trained Inspectors with extensive industry experience offering a consistently high standard of inspection.
  • SpanSet use IDXpert Asset Management.  All items are RFID tagged to digitally trace the exact time, inspector, location and duration of inspection for full accountability with records maintained for future reference.
  • All inspected equipment is returned with a condition report and certificate for items that pass (digitally or hard copy, duplicates available).  



The advantages of a Fully Managed Service from SpanSet.
  • Peace of Mind: Having a fully Managed Inspection Service with SpanSet leaves customers free to concentrate on other aspects of their business.  Compliance with inspection regulations and legal obligations is assured and SpanSet will maintain customer records for future tracking and reference. 
  • 24/7 Access to records: All customer assets (equipment etc) are RFID tagged.  Instant online access available to IDXpert Asset Management System database - inspection records, condition reports and certificates.
  • Flexibility: Related documents such as photographs or instructions can be added to the equipment record. Reports and certificates can be sent by email.
  • Choice: Customers can participate in the inspection process to a greater or lesser extent as they prefer.
  • Convenience: Inspections carried out on site or at SpanSet.  Our on site service is ideal for larger volumes or items difficult to transport.  An Audit function is available where an item can be scanned providing an instant check.
Equipment inspected includes but not limited to:
  • Personal Fall Protection Equipment including: Harnesses, Lanyards, Fall Arrest Blocks, Safety Lines, Rescue Equipment, Connectors, Anchor Slings and Devices.
  • Installed and Engineered Fall Protection Equipment including: Horizontal and Vertical Safety Lines, Tripods, Davit Systems, Anchorages and Winches.
  • Lifting Equipment Accessories including: Roundslings, Webslings, Shackles, Chain Slings and Wire Ropes.
  • Lifting Equipment Machines including: Chain Blocks, Lever Hoists and Wire Rope Pullers.
Inspections meet the following Regulatory Requirements:


  • Personal Protection Equipment at Work Regulations 2002 (PPE Reg’s)
  • BS8437 The British Standard Code of Practice for selection, use and maintenance of Personal Fall Protection Systems and Equipment for use in the workplace.
  • LOLER 1998 Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations
  • PUWER 1998 Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

The SpanSet Inspection Team liaise regularly with our customers on Managed Contracts to ensure complete compliance with inspection regulations and legal obligations.  This leaves customers free to concentrate on other aspects of their business.  

For the support and reassurance of a Fully Managed Inspection Service contact us today to arrange a free consultation  Tel 01606 734279 or complete our enquiry form here.