Meet the Team

Pete Passmore - Lead Development Engineer

What name/nickname do you prefer to be called?


If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do here, what would it be?

My job title is Lead Development/Design Engineer and I’m responsible for taking ideas we receive from both customers and in house and working them through to a finished product.  I prepare the design proposal and drawings, work closely with production and manage the various design projects.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I really enjoy working collaboratively with different people across the business, particularly fleshing out ideas and bringing those ideas through to a completed product.  As a Mechanical Engineer I love the design process itself and find it fascinating.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy a wide variety of hobbies including cycling, running, skiing, golf, hiking, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, sketching and painting and I also play the guitar.

What volunteering or passion projects do you do outside of work?

I like to combine my love of running with fundraising for charities, this year I will be running the Manchester marathon to raise money for the Christie.