SpanSet’s innovative new lanyard range heightens safety for workers of all sizes


A new product range from SpanSet has hit the market that greatly enhances the performance of their award-winning fall arrest lanyards and improves the safety of on-site workers of all sizes.


The new SP140 Energy Absorber is a range of small, compact packs that have been incorporated into all SpanSet fall arrest lanyards and are suitable for users up to 140kg.


Their compact nature provides greater lateral movement when used in double-legged lanyards, offers increased length range in adjustable lanyards and the new energy-absorbing webbing minimises deployment while keeping braking forces low, reducing fall clearances for all users.


The SP140 shock-absorbing range is suitable for all workers based on scaffolding, construction sites and locations used in the oil and gas sector. The range includes testing and certification by SATRA to all of the EN355 performance requirements using a 140kg test mass; provides more clearance height for workers; the integrated ring allows the lanyard leg to be clipped back to the shock-absorbing pack; lanyard legs have a greater effective working length between anchors; there is a new protective cover; and an option to fit radio frequency tracer tagging within the labels.


The range contains eight lanyard configurations, with each available with captive auto-lock karabiners for secure attachment to the harness and either scaffold hook or auto-lock karabiner anchor connectors.


“Our new SP140 shock-absorbing pack pushes the performance of our already impressive fall arrest lanyards even further,” says SpanSet’s Managing Director, Pete Ward. “We took a big step in 2008 when we released the first two-metre fall arrest lanyard, the ATLAS, for 140kg workers. The SP140 range, however, brings that high-end performance to all of our lanyard users.


“While energy-absorbing lanyards conforming to EN355 have been the norm for European workers for many years, our SP140 range contains a number of improvements and innovative features that will see them become the new benchmark for lanyard performance into the future. With this range we are helping employers look after the safety of their workforce, whatever their size.”


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