Introducing the

NEW Pole-Tech Harness by SpanSet

SpanSet working with the Utilities Sector, where partnerships matter. 

SpanSet have a long history of working with the Utilities Sector.  

We were instrumental in the design of a wide range of Training courses applicable to the Telecoms, Power Generation and Water Industries, taken by thousands of technicians and engineers every year.   
We’re proud to have developed many specialist products for the Utilities Sector over the years. 

As UK based manufacturers of Height Safety Equipment, we work closely with our Utilities customers, listening to their requirements and feedback to design products which are fit for specific purposes.  For example, the soft loop harness (for use in the electricity sector, where metal fittings need to be kept to a minimum).   

Building long term, interactive and strategic partnerships is important to the Team here at SpanSet.  Recently we have been working in conjunction with UK Power Networks to design the new Pole-Tech Harness.  This revolutionary harness, when combined with our Wood Pole Anchor and the SP140 self-retracting lanyard, a specifically designed variation of the iconic DSL self-retracting lanyard, offers an exceptional system for the modern linesperson – safe, practical and comfortable. 

NEW   Introducing the Pole-Tech Harness by SpanSet

A bespoke design for Lineworkers in the electrical distribution sector working on overhead power lines supported on wooden poles. 
Overhead linespeople carry out repair, maintenance and installation work in situations unlike any other.  They are required to climb wooden electricity poles using climbing spurs, pole lanyard and their safety harness.  Linespeople require a harness that will comfortably support them whilst working in position and allow necessary movement. Repair work is sometimes carried out in extreme weather conditions due to storm damage.  Equipment therefore needs to be specifically designed for this environment, tough and hardwearing. 

SpanSet design, manufacture and supply Height Safety equipment from our UK Headquarters in Middlewich, Cheshire.  Many of our Team have extensive experience working in the various Utility sectors and have worked closely with Utilities customers for many years to ensure our Height Safety equipment is of the best quality and fit for purpose. 

Neil Pinder, Utilities Manager and Simon Mitchell Technical Consultant at SpanSet, recognised the potential for a new, leather pole harness designed for safety, comfort and practicality.  They have worked closely over the past 12 months with UK Power Networks to design the new harness – listening to linespeople, what features they liked and disliked on a harness; sending out prototypes and gathering feedback; organising third party trials and constantly driving the project forward. 

‘It has been a privilege to work on the design of our new Pole-Tech Harness and the result is something I am genuinely proud of.  I believe it’s a significant improvement on what has been available.  I’m grateful to those in industry who have helped me with their honest feedback and ideas.  This harness is true quality, designed for a specific need and I hope will become a trusted piece of equipment making the working day easier’  Neil Pinder - Utilities Manager, SpanSet

Neil Pinder, Utilities Manager - SpanSet


Pole-Tech Harness

Bespoke design for Lineworkers


Made with modern lightweight buckles and components.

Premium quality leather belt.

Soft smooth leather with memory foam padding. Moulds to worker's shape providing all day comfort.

Remains supportive over long term use.

Highly adjustable

 H Design front/Y design back is highly adjustable.

Climb a pole, stand on spikes and pull leg loops to form a 'seat'.


Floating D Rings

Allow movement as the wearer leans and twists.

Quick Release Buckles

Ensure harness is easy to take on and off.  Simply put on 'like a jacket'.

Features of the new Pole-Tech Harness

  • Lightweight - Manufactured using modern lightweight buckles and components offering excellent strength and function. 
  • Grade A leather – the belt uses top quality soft, smooth leather. The leather belt therefore doesn’t catch on clothing when moving/twisting in the harness and moulds to the worker's shape, improving comfort. 
  • Memory Foam padding – the leather belt is padded using a modern lightweight polymer, this again helps the belt to mould to the wearer and improves comfort.  Vital when you spend hours a day in your harness. 
  • Supportive – the combination of quality leather and padding ensures the belt is supportive and won’t collapse with long term use. 
  • Floating D Rings – The harness is designed with a ‘moving D ring mechanism’ on the sides for work position.  The D rings ‘float’ on the belt to allow movement as the wearer leans out and twists whilst working. 
  • Quick Release Buckles – Use of these quality buckles ensures the harness is quick and easy to put on and off.  No need to balance on one foot to step in and out, no muddy boots making a mess of the harness.  Simply put the harness on ‘like a jacket’. 
  • Adjustable - H Design Front/Y design back – The harness is highly adjustable and therefore comfortable. Climb a pole, stand on spikes and pull leg loops to adjust to form a ‘seat’.  
    Rated to 150Kg – and available in 2 sizes with a 3rd XS size coming soon. 
  • Made in the UK – manufactured in our factory based in Cheshire. 
  • Cost Effective – Manufactured with quality materials, designed to withstand harsh conditions and built to last, however the Leather Pole Harness is very competitively priced.

For further information on our revolutionary new Pole-Tech Harness please contact Neil Pinder on 07971 584677 or

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