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Why compromise on workforce safety when SpanSet's DSL2, unlike anything else on the market offers all the following?

  • Safe for workers weighing up to 140Kg
    Exceeding normal EN testing which is only to 100kg.  Safe even for anchorage at 2m below harness attachment point - the most extreme test possible! What does a worker in full kit and carrying tools weigh?? Take the guess work out with the DSL2?  (Check out our article Fall Arrest and Worker Weight here.)
  • Can be anchored at or below foot level in single or double configurations.
     The DSL2 can be attached as low as it will extend, including for workers weighing up to 140kg. Ideal for scaffold workers needing to attach their lanyard at or below foot level.
  • Safe whether one or two lanyards are attached - designed and tested as a twin unit for 100% attachment while traversing or climbing.

    The unique construction of the DSL2, with the energy absorber attached to the harness, ensures when a worker is traversing scaffolding or a stucture, whether they have one or both anchor hooks attached to the structure, it is impossibe to receive an arrest force of more than 6kN.

Ideal for scaffold workers needing to attached their lanyard at or below foot level. 

Safe for workers weighing up to 140kg. Read more on this.....

Available as a single lanyard.

Available as a double lanyard.

Even when used in the extreme situation of a 140Kg worker, anchored at or below foot level and falling onto one lanyard the SpanSet DSL2 will exceed the performance requirement of EN355 for energy absorbing lanyards!

SpanSet took the traditional energy absorbing lanyard and improved it - the DSL2 is the only product of its kind that can be used for all the same applications as a traditional energy absorbing lanyard, without exception!

Combining the quick reaction speed and free fall distance limiting of a Fall Arrest Block and the impact force reduction of an Energy Absorbing Lanyard, SpanSet launched the revolutionary Dynamic Self-Retracting Lanyard (DSL) in 2012 and remain market leaders with this unique and updated product, the DSL2 in 2020.

In the event of a fall, the distance a worker falls is shortened because the self retracting lanyard does exactly that and instantly retracts the lanyard while the worker is falling.  This reduces the kinetic energy of the fall - even at maximum free fall (anchor point 2m below harness d ring) and 140kg weight the shock absorber does not need to fully deploy. Workers are protected from injuries resulting from collisions with nearby hazards and forces exerted by safety equipment.  The retractable feature also reduces tangles and trip hazards as the lifelines are stowed neatly not trailing on the ground.

The DSL2 range is ideal in situations where there is low clearance such as scaffold construction and also ideal for use in many other sectors such as High Bay Warehousing, Telecoms, Utilties, Overhead Electricity Distribution, military applications and wind turbine maintenance.

DSL2 on left, lifeline is neatly stowed away.  Compare to potential trip hazard on right.

Ergonomic, lightweight and comfortable to use all day

Not only is the SpanSet shock absorber compact, the DSL2 retractor is designed to connect through to the harness attachment karabiner by the shortest possible arrangement, thus ensuring the shortest possible connection to the anchor point. The tear web itself is then packed in parallel to that connection and stowed neatly and unobtrusively against the harness.  Workers can move freely and in comfort without the retractors flapping about on their back or getting in the way.

At only 2.3kg, the DSL2 is significantly lighter than other options on the market.

The DSL2 is supplied with lanyard parking points – even if the harness does not have them, it can be retro fitted to allow the hooks to be secured away when not in use.

Left - The DSL2 is supplied with lanyard parking point - allowing hooks to be secured away when not in use.

Compact shock absorber


The original DSL were trialled on offshore oil platforms and coal fired power stations, so we are confident in the DSL2’s performance in the harshest of conditions.

As with all lanyards the DSL2 should not be exposed to significant abrasion or contamination however our DSL2 lifeline web has a white core, so if the webbing has been abraded far enough to expose the core, it is obvious upon inspection.

Anchor Scaffold hooks are at the business end of things, so they are by far the most susceptible to wear and corrosion.  The high specification, lightweight steel SpanSet scaffold hooks on the DSL2 have been specially coated and 96 hour corrosion tested, far exceeding the European norm and a significant improvement on standard offers available elsewhere.

Competitively priced

The DSL2 outperforms other more expensive and heavier options available.  For further information on pricing please contact our Sales Team on 01606 737494.

Comprehensive and clear instructions, detailed product information and backed by thorough testing data.

As both designers and manufacturers of Height Safety Equipment, SpanSet have tested the DSL2 to be ‘fit for purpose’.  The instruction manual supplied includes information about how to use the DSL2 together with detailed clearance height graphs.  To be able to publish comprehensive clearance height information we have conducted many tests, with 80kg, 100kg, 120kg and 140kg in many different configurations to gather the data.


No additional training required! 


FREE to download! Just a few taps and our Height Clearance Calculator lets you know whether your clearance height is sufficient.


Workers involved in Work at Height using Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE) should be trained in the safe use of traditional energy absorbing lanyards.

The DSL2 is designed to replace a traditional EN355 energy absorbing lanyard and can be used in exactly the same way without the requirement for retraining of the workforce – and with an increased margin of safety! 

SpanSet's Safety Harness and Basic Fall Protection Training provides the foundation for working at height using Personal Fall Protection Equipment such as full body harnesses and fall arrest lanyards.

The DSL2 from SpanSet – an innovative product providing comprehensive workforce safety:

  • For workers weighing up to 140kg

  • working with one or two lifelines attached

  • and with the lowest possible level anchorage down to -2m. 


For help and advice on SpanSet products and services, contact our customer support team on 01606 737494, or leave a message here