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Fall Arrest and Worker Weight - why compromise safety?


Larger workers, especially those wearing winter workwear, personal fall protection equipment and with heavy tools attached can easily weigh over 100 kilos (15+ stone). Many fall arrest lanyards on the market today are only rated up to 100 kilos and are therefore not safe for larger workers to use.

How can you be sure (especially when weighting scales are not common on site!) what a fully equipped worker weighs and whether their lanyard is a suitable rating and will arrest a fall safely?

If you buy a kit, are you sure the included lanyard is rated for heavier workers? It's not just about the Harness?

Work at height harnesses need to be a good, ergonomic and comfortable fit for working long hours in.  They also need to support the worker in case of a fall - distributing the breaking force correctly across the body.

Harnesses are often promoted as, or workers will enquire whether a harness is rated to 140 kilos.  However, as all work at height harnesses are designed to have sufficient strength to cope with a 140 kilo worker it's not the harness that is the issue here - it's the lanyard the harness is attached to!

Is your lanyard rated up to 140 kilos?


SpanSet have manufactured high quality and performance fall arrest lanyards for over 25 years.  The T-Pak shock absorber was the foundation of our range and exceeded the performance requirements of EN355 ensuring comfort and safety for workers. In 2008 SpanSet became a market leader by manufacturing the first fall arrest lanyards that were tested and certified to EN355 for 140kg workers - the ATLAS lanyard.

Ever innovating, SpanSet now offer the SP140 shock absorbing pack pushing our fall arrest lanyard performance even further forward. 

Combining the best features of both Fall Arrest Blocks and Energy Absorbing Lanyards, our DSL range are ideal in situations where there is low clearance and a lack of overhead anchorages such as scaffold construction.

Designed to minimise the distance taken to dissipate the energy of a fall while keeping the forces created to a safe level.  This ensures users are comprehensively protected against falls from height, the injuries resulting from collisions with a nearby hazard and the forces exerted by the safety equipment..... and rated to 140 kilos.

If you want to be sure your workforce is safe, especially when they are fully kitted up and working with heavy tools, contact our knowledgeable sales team today for further information on our 140 kilos rated lanyards. 


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