Certificate in Cellular Networks 

Course Overview 

This is the second module in the Diploma in Wireless Communication programme. This module delivers an introduction to cellular network technologies with emphasis on the Air Interface covering GSM, WCDMA & LTE with insight into the future of 5G. It provides a clear view of the most important aspects of cellular communication technologies and how principles are applied within the different generations as networks evolve from providing basic GSM services, through to supporting an increasingly complex set of connection requirements and services.


This is aimed at individuals who need to understand the end to end cellular network and the underlying generational technology and access methods. It starts with 2G and brings the student up to date with 4G LTE and also introduces 5G technology. It is designed for those who wish to complete their diploma in Wireless Communications to further their careers in telecommunications or to help a student get into the industry. 


  • Deliver fundamental knowledge on Cellular Networks.
  • Desribe an overview of basic radio and cellular techniques and technologies 
  • Evaluate the Network Generations from 2G to 5G
  • Describe an overview of 2G (GSM) network achitecture and functionality
  • Describe an overview of 3G (UMTS) network achitecture and functionality
  • Describe an overview of 4G (LTE) network achitecture and functionality
  • Understand UMTS WCDMA air interface operating principles 



Duration 5 Days                          
Price £1250 + vat (per person)
Funding Available  Through Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC)
Instructor/Trainee Ratio 1:12


Call to book - 01606 738529