Gotcha 2

Gotcha 2

Ultra-lightweight Rescue kit

Item Number: 2024114
Gotcha 2 50m
Remote Rescue Pulley System 50m Rope Length
  • Remote rescue of casualties suspended from fall arrest equipment.
  • Intuitive to use by casualties’ co-workers
  • Equally efficient for lifting or lowering rescues
  • Up to 50m lowering height
  • Enhanced pulley system for more efficient lifting and greater control when lowering
  • No cut operation
  • Compact bag design for improved access through hatches and hooped ladders

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Gotcha 2 - Ultra-lightweight Rescue Kit

for remote rescue of casualties suspended from fall arrest equipment

Fall arrest lanyards, blocks and systems stop workers falling to the ground and are essential work at height equipment.  However, the problem is not solved only by arresting the fall, the casualty may be suspended out of reach, injured and in need of rescuing to a place of safety for urgent medical care.  

Lighter more compact Rescue Kit:

  • Improved ergonomic bag design is easier to carry, especially where access is awkward for example through hatches and hooped ladders, and in confined spaces.
    Workers are more likely to carry it with them ready for immediate deployment.

Improved pulley system:

  • Better control during lowering – less risk of bouncing the casualty on the way down. 
  • More efficient lifting – easier to rescue a casualty larger than the rescuer. 
  • Increased lift height – making recovery back up to the platform from where the casualty fell easier. 

SpanSet invented the revolutionary Gotcha Rescue System in 2000 to solve this problem.  Made in the UK, and recognised by industry as the market leader and the only patented, preassembled fall arrest rescue kit designed ready to deploy immediately in what can be a stressful situation.  Gotcha - Safeguarding scaffolders and the trades working in the Construction, Energy and Facilities Management industries for over 20 years. 

SpanSet design, manufacture and supply Work at Height, Lifting and Load Control equipment.  We are constantly innovating, setting new industry standards and striving to keep workers safe.  


Single Person Use

For raising or lowering a single casualty by a single rescuer.


Rescue in either direction

Raise or lower the casualty to safety


Ready to use

Pre-assembled kit

No assembly required, essential in what can be a stressful situation.


Intuitive to use 

Colour coded kit for simplicity and the anchor sling is normally secured to the casualty’s own anchor point


Remote attachment

Allows the rescuer to reach the length of a fully deployed fall arrest lanyard from a point of safety


Not possible to drop the casualty

The casualty is raised to release their original attachment, so there is no risk of accidental release.


Individual Serial Number

Clear and standard-compliant labelling with traceability code


Label Protection

Label with additional protective foil

Product Technical Information

  • Standards: EN341:2011 Type 2 Class D EN1496:2017 Class A
  • Lifespan: 10 yr.
  • Maximum User Weight: 140 kg
  • Label Protection: Yes
  • Colour: Red
  • Main Material: Polyamide
  • Environmental Sealing: Yes
  • Individually Serial Numbered: Yes
  • Individual Certificate: Yes
  • Multilingual User Instruction Manual: Yes
  • Packaging Unit (PU): pcs
  • Packaging Unit (PU) Content: 1

Product downloads and manuals

Gotcha 2 Instruction Manual
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Gotcha 2 - Flyer
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EU Type Certificate
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UKCA Type Certificate
Declaration of Conformity
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Technical Drawings

Item Number Item Name Weight Net Rope Length High Anchor Maximum Lowering Distance Low Anchor Maximum Lowering Distance
Gotcha 2 50m 6.2 kg 50 m 16 m 12 m
Gotcha 2 100m 9.5 kg 100 m 33 m 25 m
Gotcha 2 150m 12.8 kg 150 m 50 m 37 m