PaXafe net kit for vans and flatbed trucks

PaXafe net kit for vans and flatbed trucks

Certified load control nets that can be used both to separate loading areas and to lash large, bulky loads.

Item Number: 2005166
PaXafe load securing net for vans and platform trucks, with bar, KEP1
  • Perfect adaptation to the respective goods to be transported.
  • PaXafe nets stand for durability and best workmanship of all individual parts.
  • Easy handling.
  • Comply with VDI 2700 part 3.3 and are GS-tested.
  • Suitable for vans and platform trucks.
  • Including lashing straps.

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PaXafe net kit for vans and flatbed trucks

Secure small parcels just as reliably as large pallets or packaged goods.

Courier, express and parcel services have no time to lose. The delivery of the packages is a priority, deadlines must be met. In order to ensure that this does not involve compromises in securing the load, SpanSet has developed PaXafe nets for vans and flatbed trucks.

  • Complete set, including locking and 4 lashing belts (KEP1 and KEP 2 ), allowing quick and easy attachment of the nets.
  • Maximum load: LC 800 daN.
  • Material: stitched 25 mm webbing.
  • Mesh size: 200 mm.
  • Color: orange.
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to +100° C
  • Certified as load control nets and equipped with a corresponding label.
  • Satisfies DIN EN 12195-2, VDI 2700, sheet 3.3.

*Supplementary webbing

The E1 and/or E2 supplementary nets can be optionally attached to the KEP1 and KEP 2 basic nets. This means that you can secure your cargoes as flexibly as everyday demands require.

Product Technical Information

  • Norms: EN 12195-2 VDI 2700
  • Temperature Range: -40 / +100° C
  • Number of Strands: 4
  • Colour: orange
  • Mesh Width: 200 mm
  • Packaging Unit (PU): pcs
  • Packaging Unit (PU) Content: 1
  • Width: 1.6 m
  • Load Capacity Total: 800 daN

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Paxafe Catalogue

Item Number Item Name Meshes per net Length Contains Locking Bar Dimensions L x W Fixing Points
2005166 KEP 1 7x8 1.82 m Yes 1.82 x 1.6 18 Triangles
2005167 KEP 2 7x12 2.72 m Yes 2.72 x 1.6 28 Triangles
2005168 KEP E1 4x7 0.92 m No 0.92 x 1.6 12 Triangles / 6 Carabiner
2005169 KEP E2 7x8 1.82 m No 1.82 x 1.6 18 Triangles / 6 Carabiner