Roundsling Magnum-X

The new dimension in lifting
  • Tear-resistant sewn label with additional protective cover
  • With RFID-Chip for saving product data
  • Extremely robust and compact round sling
  • Signal-coloured patch with superi or woven load capacity indication
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Product Description
Product Technical Information
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Variants information
Product Description

Magnum-X sets benchmark in convenience, safety and durability – all with a load capacity of up to 450 t

A core made of high-performance polyester and the compact sleeve hose make the Magnum-X sling up to 50% slimmer than comparable heavy-duty round slings, while maintaining the same load capacity. Even in small crane hooks and in attachment points the round sling is not compressed and exhibits high longitudinal and transverse rigidity. The reduced creasing of the sleeve hose in the crane hook and on the load markedly improves the wear performance.

A signal-coloured patch with interwoven load capacity indication also ensure that the sling is easy to recognise even at a distance and when heavily soiled.

The label, which is ad- ditionally protected with a transparent cover, is tear-resistant. An RFID transponder that enables storage of the product data is integrated in the label and facilitates e.g. regular inspections.

Up to 125 t without a side seam. Magnum-X is available with load capacities ranging from 10 t to 40 t 1 in a side-elastic protective sleeve and from 50 t to 125 t in a woven protective sleeve. From 150 t to 450 t the woven protective sleeve is sewn on the side

RFID transponder
Elect. test documentation and management system

The SpanSet premium heavy-duty round slings are fitted with an RFID transponder that is firmly integrated into the label, which – together with IDXpert – makes it easy for you to plan, carry out and document the regular inspections of work equipment.
Protective sleeve label
Optimally protected, reinforced with a lining

In addition to the tear-resistant design with a fabric lining, a robust plastic sleeve perfectly protects the writing from abrasion and dirt. In lifting gear fitted with an RFID transponder, the transponder is integrated into the protective sleeve and is tear-resistant.
Woven load capacity indicator
Easy to read even when dirty

Speed is often of the essence in everyday work. To make sure you always use the right round sling, the load capacity indicator is firmly woven into the sleeve and can be read even when the sling is very dirty.

Product Technical Information

Safety Factor: 7:1
Temperature Range: - 40 bis + 70°C
Norms: EN 1492-2: 2000
Sideseam: Nothing
Label Protection: Yes
Dimension L1 max: 30 Meter
Main Material: High-performance polyester
Packaging Unit (PU): pcs
Packaging Unit (PU) Content: 1

Product downloads and manuals

Roundsling Instruction Manual (de de_CH en en_US es fr it nl) PDF File
Roundsling Instruction Manual

Magnum-X instruction manual (de de_CH en en_US fr id it nl es) PDF File
Magnum-X instruction manual

Variants information
Item NumberItem NameLengthWLLWeight per MeterContact Thickness Under LoadContact Width Under LoadProduct NameWLLColourDimension L1 minWeight Net
2002763Magnum-X 10000 4m4100000.91265Roundsling Magnum-X, 10t 10orange23.6
2002764Magnum-X 10000 5m5100000.91265Roundsling Magnum-X, 10t 10orange24.5
2002765Magnum-X 20000 4m4200001.81967Roundsling Magnum-X, 20t 20orange27.2
2002766Magnum-X 20000 5m5200001.81967Roundsling Magnum-X, 20t 20orange29
2002769Magnum-X 30000 4m4300002.32590Roundsling Magnum-X, 30t30orange29.2
2002770Magnum-X 30000 5m5300002.32590Roundsling Magnum-X, 30t30orange211.5
UK Erp Code: MGX40/4
Magnum-X 40000 4m4400003.525105Roundsling Magnum-X, 40t40orange214
UK Erp Code: MGX40/5
Magnum-X 40000 5m5400003.525105Roundsling Magnum-X, 40t40orange217.5
2003251Magnum-X 10000 6m6100000.91265Roundsling Magnum-X, 10t 10orange25.4
UK Erp Code: MGX10/7
Magnum-X 10000 7m7100000.91265Roundsling Magnum-X, 10t 10orange26.3
2003253Magnum-X 20000 6m6200001.81967Roundsling Magnum-X, 20t 20orange210.8
2003257Magnum-X 30000 6m6300002.32590Roundsling Magnum-X, 30t30orange213.8
UK Erp Code: MGX30/7
Magnum-X 30000 7m7300002.32590Roundsling Magnum-X, 30t30orange216.1
UK Erp Code: MGX40/6
Magnum-X 40000 6m6400003.525105Roundsling Magnum-X, 40t40orange221
UK Erp Code: MGX40/7
Magnum-X 40000 7m7400003.525105Roundsling Magnum-X, 40t40orange224.5
UK Erp Code: MGX10/8
Magnum-X 10000 8m8100000.91265Roundsling Magnum-X, 10t 10orange27.2
UK Erp Code: MGX20/8
Magnum-X 20000 8m8200001.81967Roundsling Magnum-X, 20t 20orange214.4
UK Erp Code: MGX30/8
Magnum-X 30000 8m8300002.32590Roundsling Magnum-X, 30t30orange218.4
UK Erp Code: MGX40/8
Magnum-X 40000 8m8400003.525105Roundsling Magnum-X, 40t40orange228
UK Erp Code: 2010959
Magnum-X 5000 4m450000.47636Roundsling Magnum-X, 5t5red11.88
UK Erp Code: 2010960
Magnum-X 5000 5m550000.47636Roundsling Magnum-X, 5t5red12.35
UK Erp Code: MGX05-6
Magnum-X 5000 6m650000.47636Roundsling Magnum-X, 5t5red12.82
UK Erp Code: MGX10/2.5
Magnum-X 10000 2.5m2.5100000.91265Roundsling Magnum-X, 10t 10orange22.25
UK Erp Code: MGX10/3
Magnum-X 10000 3m3100000.91265Roundsling Magnum-X, 10t 10orange2Nothing
UK Erp Code: MGX20/2.5
Magnum-X 20000 2.5m2.5200001.81967Roundsling Magnum-X, 20t 20orange2Nothing
2020992Magnum-X 20000 3m3200001.81967Roundsling Magnum-X, 20t 20orange25.4
UK Erp Code: MGX30/2.5
Magnum-X 30000 2.5m2.5300002.32590Roundsling Magnum-X, 30t30orange25.75
UK Erp Code: MGX30/3
Magnum-X 30000 3m3300002.32590Roundsling Magnum-X, 30t30orange26.9
UK Erp Code: MGX40/2.5
Magnum-X 40000 2.5m2.5400003.525105Roundsling Magnum-X, 40t40orange28.75
UK Erp Code: MGX40/3
Magnum-X 40000 3m3400003.525105Roundsling Magnum-X, 40t40orange210.5