Steel - Anchor rail Slot

Steel - Anchor rail Slot

Anchor channels made of galvanised steel, 3 m

Item Number: 2017120
Anchor rail steel 3m slot
Anchor rail, steel, 3m, Slot
  • 3 m long
  • Steel
  • Robust
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Load securing on transport vehicles with tarpaulin bodies is a particular challenge, as the body is often too weak to secure heavy or high loads via the positive fit of the side walls. The side slats offer hardly any resistance to the load slipping! A load which is not dimensionally stable and cannot be lashed down must, however, be held in place by the positive fit of the body, for example.

Practical, lightweight and robust - these features apply to all Spanset® products for internal lashing. These include our tension belts, aluminium insert slats, locking beams. With these three components you can secure almost any load, such as drums, big bags and octabins, using state-of-the-art technology. They transfer any lateral forces that occur into the vehicle floor and thus significantly increase the lateral holding forces. Quickly installed, the system components withstand the rough everyday transport conditions for years. You will appreciate our Spanset® products for internal lashing not only as a legally compliant but also as an economical transport solution.

Product Technical Information

  • Weight Net: 8.2 kg
  • Dimension D: 51
  • Dimension G: 11.5
  • Dimension F: 25
  • Dimension C: 114.5
  • Dimension H: 3
  • Dimension A: 61
  • Dimension B: 132
  • Dimension E: 13
  • Main Material: Steel
  • Packaging Unit (PU): pcs
  • Packaging Unit (PU) Content: 1

Technical Drawings