Time to future proof.

Time for an update.

Time to future proof. Time for an update.

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system at SpanSet, that manages our business processes was becoming outdated – developing and improving it was restrictive, so a fresh start was needed. 

As a forward-thinking company, replacing our old system will set us up for the future, improving:

  • Customer experience.
  • Internal processes and procedures.
  • Purchasing capability, manufacture planning and stock control.
  • Webstore stock information 

and much more ....

Therefore, over recent weeks, SpanSet UK has become the first company within the SpanSet Group of International companies to pioneer the implementation of Microsoft based Business Central.  

The many advantages of Business Central include:

  • A more strategic business with improved access to information and standardised processes leading to better control.
  • Continual software updates, ensuring SpanSet maintain high levels of cyber security and remain 100% Cyber Essentials compliant for both our customers and ourselves.
  • Better customer support from our Sales Team due to the improved customer relations management system. 
  • Greater purchasing capabilities and more accurate manufacturing times scales to significantly improve stock availability. 

Creating a finished goods warehouse.

Our brand-new, purpose-built finished goods warehouse facility here at SpanSet HQ will enable us to hold significantly more stock, improving response times.  State of the art scanning technology, combined with improved manufacturing information from Business Central is allowing us to build stock on the shelves and offer improved order fulfilment and dispatch.

The Future

Our intention is to offer Customer Portals for customers to place and track orders and check their accounts etc.

SpanSet will be investing in future enhancements with Business Central to ensure we offer the best in Customer service going forward.


During the transition to Business Central our Team has been working hard to set up the new system whilst keeping up with our day-to-day commitments. As with all major projects there have been some challenges, and this has provided opportunity to refine the way we operate. We would like to apologise to customers if this has resulted in any inconvenience.

The outlook for the future and the benefits Business Central will bring should make this all worthwhile.  I’m thankful to our partners TNP and Microsoft, however more importantly the SpanSet Team for their enthusiasm in embracing the new system and I appreciate their commitment to seeing the project through successfully.

It’s been hard work, with lots of lessons learnt along the way which will be of great benefit when implementing Business Central throughout the Group.

We look forward to our customers’ experience of SpanSet improving significantly in the weeks to come. 

Pete Ward, Managing Director