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How to:  SpanSet's PPE Cleaning Advice to follow during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic 

In summary

Following the Government's advice on the methods of minimising transmission from person to person through regular hand washing with warm water and soap we would recommend that where necessary our equipment can be cleaned with warm water <50 degrees and a bleach free soap solution. The equipment should be rinsed in fresh water then dried in a well aired room.

Any metallic components should in addition be lubricated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. A soft nylon brush can be used to clean heavily soiled areas but pressure washing and steam cleaners should not be used. Our guide had been developed with top webbing supplier and partner, Wisla Narrow Fabrics Limited. (http://www.wisla-webbings.co.uk/)


Our guide to follow

To help develop your risk assessment for Covid-19 virus transmission control measures SpanSet recommends the following steps for your Personal Fall Protection Equipment:

  1. PFPE should be individually issued whenever possible to eliminate the risk of transmission (avoidance step)
  2. Shared items of PFPE should be quarantined for a period of at least 72 hours before transfer between users to reduce the potential amount of virus remaining on the surface of the equipment and reduce the risk of transmission (mitigation step)
  3. Thorough cleaning of the equipment will help to remove the potential amount of virus on the surface of the equipment and reduce the risk of transmission (mitigation step)

Looking for more information? Here is a detailed breakdown from SpanSet on how to clean your PPE during this time:

During the Covid-19 crisis you, or your employer may be considering more regular cleaning of your fall protection equipment to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus between individuals using the equipment.

At SpanSet we recommend that Personal Fall Protection equipment should be individually issued. There are many benefits to this; including individual ownership and responsibility for a safety critical tool, but not least of all the reduction in the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus between employees.

If it is not practical and possible to individually issue Personal Fall Protection Equipment and it must be shared between employees, then here are some guidelines on best practice for managing and cleaning our products.

Medical guidance recommends that any items that may be shared should be quarantined for a period of at least 72 hours to ensure that the Covid-19 virus is no longer present on the surface of the equipment. If it is not possible to quarantine the equipment, or you wish to take a more robust approach then it is also recommended that you consider cleaning the equipment to help to remove the virus from the surface of the product.

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