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From Shipment Container to Warehouse to Delivery Van to Front Door!

Ensure your workforce are safe when opening container doors!


A Practical Solution, fast and functional

The CTUXafe was developed by SpanSet in Germany in response to a serious incident at one of our customer’s depots. A heavy load fell onto a member of staff as they opened a container’s doors.

This simple yet effective solution allows container doors to be opened safely without risk of shifted loads falling onto the person unloading.  Before opening, the locking bars of both halves of the door are connected by a one-piece lashing strap with quick-release buckle – the CTUXafe. If the doors are under pressure from the inside the strap means the doors are only able to open a short way. The unloader can take suitable safety measures to enable the doors to be opened safely. When the pressure on the strap is gone, it can be quickly and simply removed from the door.

  • Breaking force of 1.8 tonne, thus a max strapping hold force of 3.6 tonne.
  • Quick and simple to fit.  Especially when compared to diagonal securing behind the doors which is time consuming, may not be possible and may require a ladder. 
  • Cost effective. 
  • It is not possible to open the buckle accidentally when it is under load (pressure from container door due to shifted load)


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Ensure your delivery drivers are safe when opening van doors!

Ensure customers’ parcels arrive in perfect condition! Avoid return administration costs!



PaXafe Separation Net

The PaXafe range of net kits and accessories are the perfect solution to keeping loads in delivery vans and vehicles secure when in transit.  

Comprehensive range of standard sizes available - suitable for different sizes of vehicles and goods.

SpanSet have years of experience in providing bespoke PaXafe nets for the load security requirements of large parcel delivery fleets – contact us today for more information.

  • Manufactured by SpanSet using top quality components for safety and durability.
  • Fully certified and sewn in labels for unique identification.
  • Easy and quick to use.
  • Wide range of accessories available from antislip mats to edge protection.


PaXafe load security net (mini vans)  - flexible for any cargo

SpanSet's years of experience as a trusted supplier to the parcel delivery industry.

Antislip mats - easy to use and cost effective

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Ensure your workforce are supported when repeatedly lifting heavy loads!

Auxivo Lift Suit

An Innovative Solution, for the future

The Auxivo Lift Suit was developed in Zurich by a team of engineers, researchers and health scientists in collaboration with airport baggage and cargo handlers and the logistics and warehousing industries.  The project was supported by SpanSet.

This innovative, wearable exoskeleton reduces workload and health risks in workers as it provides support when frequently lifting 10-20kg loads.  The lightweight (less than 0.9kg) textile Liftsuit is designed to reduce muscle activity and thus fatigue during lifting and supports work in forward leaning positions.

  • Manual activation/deactivation – no motors, electronics, batteries etc
  • Use anytime, anywhere – over/under clothes with no movement constraints.
  • A ‘soft’ suit which is comfortable to wear
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