Launch Event

A Terrific Technical Day!

SpanSet were delighted to host over eighty Work at Height industry professionals at the recent Technical Day held at our Headquarters in Middlewich, Cheshire.

To celebrate the launch of the NEW Gotcha2 Rescue Kit, the day’s theme was the importance of Rescue and Evacuation to deliver first aid.

The Gotcha Rescue Range empowering fellow workers to act, not wait!

It is essential a casualty is rescued/evacuated to a safe location where first aid can be administered as soon as possible.  Via a series of live demonstrations, the SpanSet instructor Team presented different rescue and evacuation scenarios and explained the importance of having the correct Rescue Kit from the Gotcha range for each situation.  

SpanSet invented the revolutionary Gotcha Rescue System in 2000. Time for an update!  We were proud to launch our new Gotcha2 Rescue kit at the Technical Day - 30% lighter, 30% more compact and with improved function, Gotcha2 was received with real enthusiasm.

The other rescue kits demonstrated were the CRD (Controlled Rate Descent kit) and the SHARK (manually controlled descent kit), providing different levels of control and capability.

The day included a buffet lunch and opportunity to network with fellow industry professionals.  A competition was held to ‘rescue’ a bucket of water, spilling the least.  Congratulations to the winner, Mair Hall from DMM who showed great Gotcha Technique! 

The Demonstrations

Our Team of Instructors and Product Specialists gave live demonstrations on three separate Rescue scenarios, which Gotcha Kit was most suitable for each and why.

Gotcha2 - Rescue for industrial services (e.g. falls from temporary scaffold platforms)

SHARK - Industrial Climbers / Tower and Mast rescue (Cut-off rescue)

CRD - Evacuation or Rescue for tall structures (tower cranes)

Each demonstration began with an introduction covering:

  • The environment and type of trade/work.
  • Significance of Work at Height in the workers role.
  • Explanation of PFPE equipment worn.

This was followed by a working demonstration showing:

  • The PFPE in use, explaining how a fall could occur and what injuries are likely.
  • Explanation of whole emergency response process - Raising the alarm, response times, equipment availability, rescue Direction, integrating with the emergency services.
  • Use of temporary aids.
  • Location of emergency equipment.
  • Why the Gotcha2, SHARK or CRD is the obvious choice for each Rescue scenario.
  • Casualty care
  • What to do with the rescue kit afterwards.

The above gives a brief insight into what we at SpanSet hope delegates found to be an informative and enjoyable day. 

Gotcha SHARK Demonstration

"Having invented the original Gotcha kit in 2000 and worked with our R&D Team on the new, improved Gotcha2, today's launch was a special one for me.  I was delighted to see so many industry colleagues there to support us, thank you.  

I believe our strength at SpanSet is our Team and am grateful for everyone's hardwork to ensure the day was such a success. " Pete Ward, Managing Director

Further NEW product launches are planned for later this year as are more Technical Days.  Sign up for our Newsletter to be kept informed of these events.