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Lifting Lockdown and the ‘New Working Normal’…

How SpanSet is helping customers:

  • Keeping workers safe whilst conducting equipment maintenance, taking advantage of down time.
  • Overcoming problems encountered when working under social distancing guidelines.
  • Preparing for workers return with PPE Inspections
  • Fulfilling urgent orders as lockdown is lifted.


Height Safety and Essential Maintenance

It has been a necessary but difficult time for many businesses under the recent lockdown.  As government guidelines begin to allow a return to work, many SpanSet customers are making the most of the down time and carrying out upgrades to their height safety systems. Essential equipment maintenance can then be carried out safely when business is rolling once again.

  • With local Council Recycling Centres being closed the conveyor belts at major recycling centres have been quiet.  SpanSet have recently installed additional HT-8 Horizontal lifeline systems for a customer so essential maintenance can be carried out safely, without disturbing the conveyor belt below.


The Safeline HT-8 lifeline system is a high tension permanent horizontal lifeline system. Primarily designed for use in Industrial/Transport industries in workshops, vehicle loading bays, aircraft hangers and other large, un-supported span installations.

  • We have recently been working with our customer CBRE (a Facility Management company) to provide one of their clients safe access to a loft space above a suspended ceiling for maintenance to the lighting system below.  The quiet time during lockdown was considered an ideal opportunity to carry out this project.  SpanSet surveyed the site, were able to provide a solution and installed two S-8 horizontal lifeline systems last week.

S-8 horizontal lifeline system installed in a loft space above a suspended ceiling, providing safe access for maintenace of the lighting system below.

The Safeline S-8 is a permanent horizontal lifeline which protects both users and management by providing a safe system of work. Can be utilised for many industrial applications, including Property Maintenance, Construction, Warehousing and Distribution, Bridges and Infrastructure, Leisure and Entertainment, Power Stations, Oil and Gas and many more...

Overcoming problems encountered when working under social distancing guidelines.

 Many customers are having to adjust working procedures to comply with social distancing guidelines.  A haulier who delivers to France has been asked by their customer to ensure drivers are able to work independently when delivering.  The SpanSet Guardian Load Restraint System has provided an ideal solution to this problem and deliveries are being made safely.

SpanSet Guardian - the system can be used to secure any load from ground level, so the driver doesn't need to climb on the vehicle.

Capcha Overhead Fall Arrest System - easy to use solution which helps reduce the risks posed by falls from vehicles.

The Stoppa system enables safe access on to the top of a vehicle wherever it may be - at a remote site, on the roadside, in a workshop or at a depot

SpanSet have been supplying our innovative Stoppa and Capcha system to vehicle body builders.  

Stoppa to keep the workforce safe during the loading process and Capcha systems are being added to trailers by request as this will allow the driver/loader to work more independently, keeping to social distancing criteria.



Preparing for workers return with PPE Inspections

SpanSet offer a range of Inspection Services to suit your business -  from our fast, efficient ON DEMAND service to FULLY MANAGED for larger businesses.

Following weeks of lockdown, PPE for Working at Height and Lifting Equipment may no longer be compliant with inspection dates having expired.  SpanSet have an experienced Inspection Team and can conduct statutory inspections to help get your business back at work, safely and compliant with current legislation. We’re here to help, please contact us with your inspection requirements.

HSE recently released a statement with regard to equipment inspections.  View here

Fulfilling urgent orders as lockdown is lifted. 

As lockdown measures have eased in some areas, both at home and internationally we have received several urgent orders. From work positioning lanyards (required for a construction site in Egypt that has recently re-opened) to load restraint systems for a major UK supermarket needing to upgrade their hire fleet.

The SpanSet Production Team have been 'producing the goods' throughout this difficult time and are supporting customers, new and old alike with their requirments.

If you need it, we probably already have it in stock - if not we can make it!

Please contact us for details of products, training and services.  Products available from stock or we can make to order.  SpanSet are OPEN, how can we support you?
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