SpanSet's Load Restraint Course

Training Drivers to secure MEWPS safely when in transit

SpanSet's Load Restraint Course

CPC Accredited 

This course fills a need within the Transport Industry to train Drivers on how to secure a MEWP (and other heavy plant/loads) safely onto a trailer ready for transport to and from site.

MEWPs are deceptively heavy for their size and are either wheeled or on tracks.  This has an implication for load restraint as sub-contractor hauliers may not have the specific training required for these complex loads.

There is a skills gap - many Drivers and Haulage Contractors haven’t received any formal training on Load Restraint at all:

  • There are instances of poorly secured MEWPS falling off trailers endangering site workers & other road users.

  • Historically, many drivers learn from their colleagues – sometimes incorrect information is passed along.

  • For example, untrained Drivers are looking at the chain/web lashings to be used and thinking they look strong enough, but don’t know for certain.

  • Inspecting load restraint equipment correctly to ensure it is in a safe condition, free from defects and suitable for the job in hand is an essential skill which some drivers are not trained in.

A poorly secured load could breach Health and Safety legislation when on site or the Road Traffic act when on the roads.  Both the Operator and Driver are responsible for safe loads and compliance with the law.

The answer to this skills gap issue is appropriate training!

IPAF offer an excellent Safe Loading & Unloading Training course ideal for anyone who will be loading or unloading heavy plant machinery including MEWPs. 

The SpanSet Load Restraint Course compliments the IPAF course, providing expert training on how to secure the MEWP in position once loaded onto the Trailer with the added benefit of being CPC accredited.

IPAF members are eligible for a 10% discount on the SpanSet Load Restraint course – please contact Training on 01606 738529 for further details.

If the driver/worker responsible for securing a MEWP onto a trailer doesn’t know how the lashing capacity of the chain/web lashing; the angle that they are applied; the weight of the machine and the friction between the MEWP and loading surface affect the security of the load -

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SpanSet - Load Restraint Training Course

For professional HGV Drivers and Transport Managers who want the knowedge and skills to be certain they are securing loads safely and to understand their legal responsibilities for transporting a load on UK highways.

This innovative course, using state of the art training aids and including practical, hands-on experience, enables delegates to:

  • Understand their responsibilities, complying with Road Traffic and Health & Safety Law.
  • Identify the causes of load shift and the forces acting on the load during tansit.
  • Assess the load and the vehicle suitability for transporting the load.
  • Select the most suitable method for securing the load.
  • Understand the differencess between Direct and Frictional Lashing.
  • Calculate the right number of lashings with the correct load rating to prevent the load from shifting.
  • Carry out a pre-use check of chain and web lashings using inspection checklists.

IPAF Safe Loading & Unloading Training Course 

Loading, transportation, and unloading of plant machinery are vital logistical activities across many industries including powered access and construction. However, analysis of accident data reveals this is one of the leading causes of accidents and injuries.  IPAF's Safe Loading & Unloading course examines how these accidents occur and critically, how to prevent them to ensure safe and effective best practice.

**Find this course at your nearest IPAF-approved Training Centre>>


** IPAF Safe Loading & Unloading Training Course is only available through IPAF accredited training centres.  SpanSet's Load Restraint Training Course is complimentary to this IPAF course.

SpanSet - Lash Controller App - the easy way to calculate the required straps for your load.  Visit our download centre to find out more>>