SpanSet were delighted to support NorthWest Slackfest - however what’s the connection between SpanSet and Slacklining?

Slacklining emerged in the early eighties from the climbing scene in Yosemite National Park and is now an independent sport with many enthusiastic followers worldwide.  Slacklining entails balancing on a piece of flat webbing which is rigged between to fixed points.  

A slackline set consists of a piece of webbing, two anchor slings and a tensioning system – if the slackline is to be rigged between two trees, the set should also include tree protectors. 

As the true originators of tension web lines, with over 40 years of manufacturing experience, and with Roundsling anchors commonly referred to as SpanSet’s by the Slacklining community (because they originated with us), SpanSet are ideally placed to offer the best in Slackline equipment:

We were therefore proud to support our local Slacklining celebration – NorthWest Slackfest with the following:

Rookie Funline 15 from SpanSet Slacklines.

Pre-assembled all-in-one slackline kit - easy to set up and tension.

The only kit with integral “SpanSet” anchor slings at both ends, the only kit with the unique high spec triple function ratchet – Tension up to get the line tight, Tension down to reduce the tension to where you want it and Full release for when you want to go home!

Read more about our top quality slackline equipment here:


We provided a range of our premium roundslings – SupraPlusX, both as anchors for rigging with and to give away as prizes.

SupraPlusX roundslings are Compact, Tough, Cost effective!

SupraPlus-X is not only extremely robust, but particularly versatile: Its hard wearing and compact design makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, while offering optimum protection against damage to the load using chains or wire ropes can cause. Handling is easier and safety improved for the worker - injuries caused by protruding wire strands are avoided for example. 

Read more about this premium roundsling here:

We also donated the NEW Viper Anchor roundsling, again for rigging and as prizes.

When you’re trusting your life to an anchor sling, it wants to be the best!

The New Viper sleeve is braided rather than woven and narrower (25mm) than the previous woven version (45mm) making the roundsling more compact, still as flexible and easier to handle.

SpanSet Viper Anchor Roundslings have a breaking strength of 7 tonne - The European Standard EN795 is 1.2 tonne!  This offers a high safety margin for error, especially when combined with the knowledge a roundsling with damage to the sleeve would be discarded before damage to the internal load bearing fibres.

Lots more information on this excellent anchor roundsling here:

‘SpanSet are the original creators of the trusty roundslings we all use to anchor the majority of our big slacklines. Industry leaders in Height safety equipment, heavy lifting and load control, much of their expertise ties in closely with advanced slackline and highline rigging.  We were therefore grateful for their generous donations of quality equipment for rigging and to give away, helping to make NorthWest Slackfest a successful event.
We pulled out all the stops this year to make the festival more accessible and engaging than ever before. We featured stilt walkers, aerialists, belly dancers and fire spinners - and don’t forget the slack lines galore! Our beginners area allowed for supervised and assisted sessions for all newcomers to this fantastic pastime, while the more experienced and advanced were treated to a whole host of differing lines and challenges.  Having extra equipment from SpanSet certainly helped, thank you!’



Jack Fearon of NorthWest SlackFest