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Safety - It's what we do, including providing FREE, educational material on a variety of Safety subjects.

SpeanSet's range of education posters have adorned many a workplace for over 20 years with over 30,000 distributed to date. Regularly updated and provided free of charge SpanSet's safety information posters are eye catching and informative. Designed to attract the attention and communicating and essential safety message:

Posters: Ideal for work site cabins, canteens and stores etc.

  • Does your workplace have a SpanSet Safe Lifting Chart poster on display?
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  • Why compromise on imitations when you can benefit from over 50 years of SpanSet innovation and display our Safe Lifting Chart poster, designed by SpanSet a progressive industry leader. it may well be 'immitation is the greatest form of flattery' however when displaying a genuine SpanSet poster you are assured it is backed by trusted quality controls and techincal expertise. 


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