September 2019

SpanSet UK's 50th Anniversary celebrations!


The SpanSet Group was 50 years old in 2016 when we held a celebration of our staff and heritage.  SpanSet UK is one of the oldest companies within the group has been established 50 years this year, 2019 – something also worth celebrating!

Our 50th Anniversary was based on a British Theme – Afternoon Tea followed by a Summer Fete, designed to celebrate the knowledge and experience we have gained along our 50 year journey and how this can be used to the benefit of our customers in the future.

After a morning of practical demonstrations showing that indeed ‘The proof is in the pudding!’ guests were invited to take part in a number of fun challenges laid out like stalls at a Summer Fete.

Pete Ward, Managing Director welcoming our guests.

The morning Lifting demonstrations included discussion on problems to be solved, technical issues encountered and theory through to a practical demonstration of the lifting solution in action.

The touchscreens were put to great use during the Load Control demonstration as was the 20m tower for the Lifting and Height Safety when Rigging demonstration.

The Summer Fete:  Guests and staff alike were challenged to pit their wits and win a prize! Many of the challenges had been used on our open days and each one related to an area of our skills / heritage, applied in a fun and also thought provoking way.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 50th Anniversary - we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

The SpanSet Team

Ratchet tensioning challenge! 

A look into the future of training using virutal reality!

Race against the clock, how many knots can you tie in a 5m piece of rope!

Slack lining - always good fun!