One problem - Two Innovative Solutions...


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Your load needs to be secured, however working on the bed of a vehicle is classed as Work at Height. 

Solution 1: Guardian Load Restraint System

What is it?

SpanSet Guardian Load Restraint System is a time saving lashing, strap and net system ideal for trucks and other veichles. The system can be used to secure any load from the ground level, so the driver doesn't need to climb on the veichle and risk a fall from height.


  • Ground level handling reduces falls

  • This allows you to make more deliveries with the same resource

  • Saves up to 30 minutes a day loading and handling

  • Appoximatley equivalent of £1560 saving per year per veichile

  • Protects the load from damage 

  • Fitted inside the vehicle to eliminate strap loss

  • Tested up to 25,000 users

  • No dangerous spring back or recoil

  • Manufactured to EN: 12195 AS/NZS:4380

  • Easily retrofits to any vehicle in 1 hour

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2- Driver/Loader is protected whilst on the lorry bed with CAPCHA Vehicle Fall Protection

What is it?

The overhead Fall Arrest System that travels with your vehicle and keeps Drivers and Loaders safe. Allows secure, unrestricted access to the trailer deck and enables hands free working.  Runs smoothly as driver/loader walks along the trailer deck.

  • Capcha is SpanSet's Overhead Fall Arrest System

  • Avoid slips, trips and falls

  • Specially designed for integration with the veichle body

  • Capcha allows secure, unrestricted hands-free access to the trailer platform


Typical Installations Inlcude:

    • Maintenance Workshops
    • Bodybuilding Shops
    • Tanker Loading Gantires
    • Tank Washes

Capcha can be configured to suit most applications

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