SpanSet – requested to stay operational by the MOD and supporting the British Military with essential safety products and technical advice.

SpanSet have supplied a wide variety of bespoke equipment to the British Military for over 40 years – from Height Safety Equipment for helicopter mechanics to canopy straps on Typhoon jet fighters, we even help keep tanks in place when being transported….


If the military want to climb it, want to restrain it or lift, Spanset can provide the solution.

In these difficult times of the Covid 19 pandemic, the Military are currently helping to deliver essential supplies to the NHS - these cargos have never been more valuable and must arrive safely.

The SpanSet General In-Service Military Tie Down 

A 2 part ratchet lashing system with specific end fitting and incorporating our innovative TFI (Tension Force Indicator).  This bespoke piece of equipment ensures loading personnel can apply the correct tension on the lashing, crucial when delivering precious loads such as PPE.  SpanSet have supplied the Tie Down since 2006, specifically designed in conjunction with the MOD for military use, our production department is currently working hard to guarantee supplies.


The Tie Down is part of a much wider range of bespoke equipment we design, manufacture and supply to the MOD from heavy duty towing strops and nets to helicopter under-slung load equipment. If the military climb in it, want to restrain it or lift it, SpanSet can provide the solution.

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