If the military want to lift it, climb up it or restrain it, SpanSet can provide the solution!

SpanSet and the Defence Industry - Frequently Asked Questions

SpanSet have worked with the Ministry of Defence and the Defence Industry worldwide for over 40 years, supplying Height Safety, Lifting and Load Restraint equipment and services.  We are experienced in dealing both directly and with numerous Defence Subcontractors.

As industry leaders SpanSet specialise in supplying stock and BESPOKE military equipment - working closely with our defence customers on the design, specification, manufacture and inspection of a wide range of products.  Our expert Training Team, many who are ex services, have years of experience training military personnel in the safe use of the defence equipment we supply. 

Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive from our Defence customers.  We hope the answers given are informative, however if you have any further queries, please contact our experienced Defence Supply Specialists who will help with your enquiry: 


Neil Pinder - 07971 584677


Simon Mitchell - 07976 151703


Q. Do SpanSet hold the correct cyber essential certification required to supply the MOD?

Yes, we hold Cyber Essentials.

The Military Tie Down Strap  - a small but essential piece of equipment.

Q.  What range of Defence products do SpanSet supply?

SpanSet supply a wide range of both 'off the shelf' and BESPOKE equipment and services to the MOD.

We design, calculate and specify Lifting and Load Restraint solutions for military transport - air, sea and land.  Our wide range includes equipment for helicopter underslung loads: load restraint nets; supplying ship to ship cargo nets for use when re-stocking supplies - even the military in service tie down strap , a small but essential piece of bespoke SpanSet equipment!

As both manufacturer and training company, SpanSet hold the contract for supply of Work at Height Personal Protective Equipment (WAHPPE) to the MOD and have a wealth of experience in supplying WAHPPE to the military. 

Q. Can you supply this?  Do you recognise what this is?

We are often asked by our Defence customers if we can supply a particular piece of legacy equipment they need replacing or if we can identify what an item is via its NSN (Nato Stock Number).

SpanSet understand these issues and have years of experience in helping defence customers replace legacy equipment.  We maintain secure drawings and databases and employ ex forces personnel who are familiar with the Military Stores System database and details of NSN's and can help with identification.

RAS (Replenishment at Sea) Nets in production

Q. Can you produce an item from drawings?

SpanSet have a secure archive of drawings of military equipment we have supplied in the past.  We can certainly help with product identification and production from these drawings and as a manufacturer have the knowledge and capability to design Work at Height, Load Restraint and Lifting equipment for the military. 

 We are also able to produce drawings if required.


Q. Can you help up develop new products to solve a specific issue?

Yes. SpanSet offer a consultation service, working with our Defence customers to take products from concept, through design, certification to manufacture and delivery.

SpanSet provide Work at Height, Lifting and Load Restraint expertise to the military

Have a question about SpanSet products and services?  Call our Defence Supply Specialists or leave a message here.

Lifting expertise

 Whaley Bridge Dam Crisis - bags being transport by Chinook to shore up the dam. 

RAS Nets in use during ship to ship replenishment at sea operation.

Cargo handling using Magnum Force slings.