Pete Ward MD at SpanSet handing over 6km of rope to Ged Campion, ready for use at Eurospeleo 2016.

Learning the ropes!

Based in Austria, Scott Wygal is Business Development Manager at Teufelberger, and part of the Life Safety Team.  Last week, Scott passed his IRATA Level One here at SpanSet – congratulations!!

TEUFELBERGER has been a specialist supplier of high-quality fibre ropes to SpanSet for many years. Their products are incorporated into our Gotcha Rescue Range as well as lanyards and working lines. The close relationship between the two companies has resulted in the development of distinctive ropes, creation of more ecological ways for packaging and supply plus the support of many exploratory caving expeditions and events.

To strengthen our partnership, SpanSet invited Scott to take his IRATA Level one course at our dedicated Training facilities here in Middlewich.  Scott was delighted to take up the offer knowing IRATA is an internationally recognised qualification, he would be able to gain a greater understanding of how rope is used in industry, the course would be delivered in English and of course because of the excellent business relationship between our two companies.

Scott usually spends his working day at a desk or travelling on business, selling and developing new markets for Teufelberger ropes, however on Monday it was all about the practical use of rope.  ‘It was informative but daunting as I wasn’t used to the various devices used for rope access, however Tom my instructor gave clear direction and I soon felt comfortable’.

Thomas Chapman was also on the course, training to upgrade from L2 to L3.  Scott found he benefitted from this as seeing the more complex rescues Tom was performing gave him a ‘window into another world’ of where an IRATA qualifications can take you.

‘I found the course physically demanding but structured, with 3 days of expert training and a fourth day to practise and consolidate on what I had been taught.  SpanSet’s facilities are excellent from the training centre to the comfy sofas in reception.  This was my first Height safety training course and I’m grateful to SpanSet for giving me the opportunity to learn so much – thank you!’

Scott Wygal – Business Development Manager, Teufelberger Group

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SpanSet has been successfully providing IRATA training for over 20 years and is a fully accredited member of the Association as both an equipment supplier and training provider.

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