What is it?

It is a Work Restraint system designed for safe access on top of vehicles and containers. STOPPA starts to protect you from the point when you begin to climb on top of the vehicle/container - the attachment ring providing a secure handhold as you move from the ladder onto the system. Once attached, STOPPA allows you freedom of access to the top of the vehicle/container including all the perimeter edges, however with no risk of falling.

The STOPPA system comes in two parts, hardware attached to the vehicle/container and a Belt providing the user interface. The hardware is formed of a pair of anchor Lines to tested to EN795 and the V–shaped Lanyard tested to EN354 and then the Belt, which is CE certified to EN358. The hardware remains permanently attached to the vehicle/container. Its low profile installation has little or no effect on the overall vehicle/container height, minimising the potential for impact damage and allowing containers to continue to be stacked.
The Belt can be worn whilst carrying out the work activities and stowed safely when not in use.

For more information contact our Customer Support team on 01606 737494 or leave a message here. Please quote STOPPA.

Why use STOPPA? 

  •  STOPPA is a work restraint system ideal for vehicles, containers and other areas where fall prevention is needed.

  • Design and operation of the STOPPA reduces the risk of trips as well as falls

  • All permanently installed parts are stainless steel

  • No safety-critical moving parts are left exposed to the environment

  • The belt is quick to fit and easily stowed when not in use

  • The large ring on the lanyard provides an easy target and third point of contact for safe and easy transition to clip onto the system

  • Secure and predictable attachment providing complete confidence for the user

Who is STOPPA intended for?

Every day, drivers and operatives suffer injuries as a result of falls whilst working at height on vehicles. The STOPPA system enables safe access on to the top of a vehicle/container wherever it may be - at a remote site, on the roadside, in a workshop or at a depot.

  • Refuse Collection Vehicles – front and rear end loaders
  • Road Tankers – including fuel and powder tankers
  • Fire and Rescue Vehicles
  • Containerised Generators and Chiller Units
  • Modular Buildings

For more information contact our Customer Support team on 01606 737494 or leave a message here. Please quote STOPPA.