What is it?

WORKSECURE is a permanently installed horizontal lifeline utilising 8mm aircraft grade stainless steel cable and suitable for work restraint or fall arrest. Safeline Systems include a unique force attenuation device, which allow configuration to match installation requirements. WORKSECURE protects both users when working at height and employers as part of a safe system of work.

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  • Suitable for all roof types including concrete slab, profiled roof sheet, standsing seam and membrane roofs.
  • Tested and Certified by an external notified body to EN795:2012 Class C and meets and exceeds the requirements of PD CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Computer calculation package guarantees all installations are within the safe working limits
  • All components are manufactured from aircraft grade stainless steel
  • Designed to provide safe attachment for a team of up to 4 x 140kg operatives
  • Unique energy attenuation device allows the system performance to be finely matched to the requirements of an installation
  • Multi-functional parts to provide continuous hands-free traversing of the lifeline
  • Brackets and components designed to ensure ease of navigating corners, contours, and inclines

Who is WORKSECURE intended for?

Property Maintenance – To protect technicians carrying out routine maintenance and inspections of the property or plant. Examples include - cleaning roof lights or guttering, minor building repairs and servicing of air conditioning units.

Construction – To protect workers during the construction phase, but also commonly specified by Architects as an integral aspect of the build to permit safe access for maintaining the property once complete.

Warehousing & Distribution – To provide users safe access to storage racking for misaligned pallets, routine maintenance, and general cleaning of the area. The systems will also enable access to automated collection machinery (order packers), should a break down occur.

Bridges & Infrastructure – To permit safe access for engineers once erection is complete to conduct inspections and maintain the structure. The Safeline System benefits the client by offering a simple, durable, and flexible solution that can be attached to the structures piers, spans or supports.

Leisure & Entertainment – To protect workers whilst conducting installation, operating equipment and maintenance activities including lighting/sound gantries, theatrical props, etc.

Transport – Installed internally or externally in maintenance & loading bays or directly to suitable vehicles to permit safe access for persons needing to work at height on vehicles. This applies to road haulage vehicles, construction/agricultural vehicles, military/emergency service vehicles and rail stock.

Manufacturing – To permit access for maintenance technicians and assembly workers on large scale production lines as found in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Oil/Gas Processing – To permit access for workers to areas of the production plant, platforms and processing equipment to perform routine maintenance and servicing tasks.

Cranes – To protect operators or technicians whilst conducting routine inspection and maintenance activities or when accessing driver’s cabs etc. Can be attached directly to the crane beam.

Power Stations – To permit workers to access areas of the plant necessary to perform routine maintenance activities. The Safeline System can be attached to a variety of suitable structures found within such locations.

For more information contact our Customer Support team on 01606 737494 or leave a message here. Please quote WORKSECURE.