Date: Friday, 20th August 2021

Dear Customer,
We are writing to inform you that we are increasing our prices for group training bookings with effect from Monday 04th October 2021. 
Please note this will only apply to group bookings not individual rates which will remain the same. If you can book your training in advance of this (04th October 2021) we will charge this to you at our pre-price increase rate, as a gesture of goodwill. 
We have not had a price increase for over 4 years but significant increases in costs have forced this issue. 

SpanSets commitment to the always supply high quality training with the best technical support continues, ensuring good value for money.
Where fixed pricing agreements or contracts are in place these will remain unchanged until their planned review dates.
If you have any questions regarding the changes noted above, or would like to enquire about SpanSet training, products or service contracts, please contact SpanSet at: 01606 737494 or email For anything specific please get in touch with your local SpanSet rep.
We appreciate your understanding, valued business and support
Kind regards
SpanSet UK