Spanhoist System Training for Work Position

Essential training in the operation of the Spanhoist as a Work Positioning System.

The content of the course includes -

  • Pre-use inspection and fitting of a full body harness,  fall arrest lanyards and guided type fall arrest device (Climba Vertical Line)
  • Pre-use inspection of the Spanhoist System
  • Operation of the Spanhoist as a Work Positioning System including the selection of suitable anchor points.
  • Selection of suitable back-up system whilst Work Positioning (Climba Vertical Line)
  • Rescue of suspended casualty from a Fall Arrest back-up system (including lifting and lowering)

Pre-requisites - successful completion of Safety Harness Theory Training

Duration Half day                            
Price £160.00 + vat (per person)
Group Day Rate Call our training team for rates.
Instructor/Trainee Ratio 1:6

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