MATS Tower Climbing & Rescue Renewal

  • Delegates must be 18 years and over.
  • All delegates must be able to certify they are physically fit and have no medical conditions that might prevent them working at height prior to commencement of training.  (A list of conditions that could affect practical training is available upon request.  If in doubt, call our team on 01606 738529 for advice prior to booking).
  • SpanSet reserves the right to exclude unsuitable delegates from training courses.
  • Candidates must have successfully completed the MATS initial basic tower climbing & rescue 3 day programme within the last 12 months.


  •  This MATS approved, 1 day course is aimed at telecoms professionals looking to re-certify/ re-validate their basic climb and rescue certificates (formerly Arqiva).


  • Work position harness & lanyard
  • Single and Double Fall Arrest Lanyards
  • Permanent guided type system
  • Temporary guided type system
  • Spanset High Access Rescue Kit (SHARK) or alternative.
  • Summary of Key Elements


Theory/Practical Activities (Knowledge, understanding & practical skills)
  • Correctly fitting and adjustment of a work position harness including pre-use checks.
  • Safely ascend & descend a tower using permanent guided type systems passing intermediates.  
  • Safely ascend & descend a tower using double legged fall arrest lanyard & using work position lanyard.
  • Installation of temporary guided type fall arrest systems, including ascent & decent.
  • Emergency evacuation from tower.
  • Decent rescue from permanent guided type system.
  • Decent rescue from work position lanyard.
  • Descent rescue of suspended casualty using a fall arrest lanyard
  • Rescue from permanent guided type system using pulley system “off-weighting casualty”.