With the NEW SpanSet® Gotcha™ CRD RPX MP Rescue Kit

A step up from the previous SpanSet® Gotcha™ CRD MP Rescue Kit, this new bundle features the automatic evacuation and rescue device Red Pro X (RPX) CRD. With the addition of this innovative Rope Descent and Rescue Controller, this kit is suitable for operators who require evacuation and Gotcha™ post-fall rescue in one kit.

 The latest generation technology and superior properties of the RPX CRD combined with the reliability of the Gotcha™ rescue components we all know and love, determines that this kit meets ALL challenges. 

It has been designed and developed for easy use with automatic functions, meaning the NEW SpanSet® Gotcha™ CRD RPX MP Rescue Kit can handle most rescue scenarios in various industries and extreme environments.  From evacuation from heights and lifting from confined spaces to advanced rescues, the worker can have confidence in the performance of the equipment.

The SpanSet® Gotcha™ CRD RPX MP Rescue Kit's features include:

·     Universal power tool-interface for heavy lifting - 140kg at a distance of 255m.

·     Top-mounted swivel for optimal positioning, even in tight conditions and confined space.

·     A new rope developed specifically for the RPX controller to meet the demanding specifications.

·     Laser printed, easy to read data and pictograms, engraved direct and permanently on the body.

·     280 kg – 255m verified and tested decent weight and height

This Rescue Kit is delivered as a complete set in a backpack gear bag, with Gotcha™ Frog & attachment pole, kernmantle rope, and Black Snake attachment sling.

Due to the easily recognizable and intuitive design of both rescue equipment and accessories, this kit is practical and cost-efficient to introduce to an already trained workforce with a height training certificate.

SpanSet® Gotcha™ Rescue Kits - NOTHING BEATS THE ORIGINAL.