Molyslip WRL - E40

Molyslip WRL - E40

Lubricate and protect steel wire ropes and umbilical cables operating in marine environments

  • High load carrying and wear reduction capability protects wires and strands from wear
  • Excellent corrosion resistance protects ropes operating in wet conditions
  • Adhesive, tenacious film extends re-lubrication intervals
  • EU Ecolabel compliant formulation and compliant with USA VGP 2013
  • Lubricate and protect steel wire ropes

MOLYSLIP WRL-E40 is a premium performance lubricant specifically designed to lubricate and protect steel wire ropes and umbilical cables operating in marine environments. Formulated from a combination of bio-based, renewable oils complimented with performance additives that are proven to be non-toxic to aquatic organisms, MOLYSLIP WRL-E40 meets the criteria of the EU Ecolabel scheme and is therefore compliant with the USA EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP)

Recommendations for Use

Do not use damaged wire ropes and slings with defects, such as wire breaks, bulges, bruises, kinks, severed core, heavy wear, rust damage or others. Do not exceed the specified load carrying capacity (WLL). Do not strike at a tilt angle exceeding 60°. Do not use wire ropes with broken strands. Do not use in contact with chemicals. Sling ropes may only be used for lifting and transporting loads and only by instructed persons. The regulation on the safe use of cranes (Crane Regulation) must be observed without fail (Suva-Form.1420. d).