Secutex S2

Secutex S2

Polyester lifting sling with reinforced Secutex coating

  • High cut resistance due to secutex coating on one side
  • Particularly wear and abrasion resistant due to Powerflex coating on the reverse side
  • Colour coded and printed with load capacity
  • Full-surface loop reinforcement protects against chafing in the crane hook
  • Tear-off resistant label with protective sleeve

Flat sling coating

Protects against cutting of the lifting gear

Flat slings can be coated with secutex on one or on two sides, which provides for one-sided or all-around protection of the flat slings. This makes them more robust and protects against sharp-edged loads.


Woven load capacity indicator

Easy to read even when dirty

Speed is often of the essence in everyday work. To make sure you always use the right round sling, the load capacity indicator is firmly woven into the sleeve and can be read even when the sling is very dirty.


Flat sling loop reinforcement

Added protection against abrasion

Loops have to withstand a great deal of stress during lifting, hooking in and hook- ing out. The solution: loop reinforcement made of high-performance fibres. Thanks to the robust fibre layer, the load-carrying fabric is much more resistant to abrasion, thus prolonging its service life.

Exceptionally high cut resistance due to secutex® coating roughened on one side. Backside with Powerflex coating and thus particularly wear and abrasion resistant.

Do you need lightweight lifting sling that can cope with any situation? Our solution: high-strength, resilient textile PowerStar lifting slings, finished with extremely durable secutex® coatings for lifting sharp-edged and rough loads.

The secutex® material made of polyurethane was specially developed for use in lifting technology. secutex® has an exceptionally high structural strength and is particularly unempfindable against external forces. This prevents sharp edges from cutting into the lifting strap. At the same time, secutex® is a soft and flexible material that adapts to the loads.

As a result, the forces at the load edge are distributed widely, which prevents damage to the load. The combination of secutex® with Spanset® lifting slings has resulted in particularly durable and low-wear products that simplify the work process. These product properties are important wherever loads have rough surfaces or sharp edges.

With secutex® lifting slings, the coating is applied directly to the webbing and penetrates deep into the Tissue. The surface is thus sealed and protected against damage and the penetration of dirt, oils and chemicals. Depending on the area of application, the lifting straps are provided with different coatings.


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