Practical Use of Personal
Fall Protection Equipment Training

This practice module is designed for workers who use temporary fall arrest equipment to access or protect them during their work.

Once the program is complete, they will be able to perform pre-use checks, install and use their own fall arrest equipment and systems.

The program is targeted at workers from a variety of different environments, for a wide variety of construction, offshore energy, or facility maintenance


  • Gain an understanding of where Work Restraint can be used instead of Fall Arrest techniques to increase safety.
  • Have an awareness of basic Work Positioning techniques and where these can be applied to increase safety over the use of Fall Arrest techniques.
  • Have an understanding of the limitations of Fall Arrest equipment and how to improve safety with respect to:
    - Reducing impact forces
    - Reducing Fall Distance
    - Clearance Requirements
  • Have an awareness of the common equipment abuses and how to select appropriate equipment to avoid this.
  • Gain an awareness of the Rescue Implications when using Fall Arrest Techniques.
  • Have an awareness of other hazards relating to work at height such as dropped objects, fragile surfaces, exposure to environmental conditions.


  • Correct Fitting of a Full Body Harness
  • Selection of Anchorage Points
  • Use of Anchorage Devices
  • Work Restraint Techniques
  • Pre-use Inspection, Installation and Use of Fall Arrest Blocks
  • Pre-use Inspection and Use of Temporary Guided Type Fall Arresters
  • Pre-use Inspection and Use of Single / Double Fall Arrest Lanyards
  • Pre-use Inspection and Use of Work Position Lanyards
  • Demonstration of Rescue Systems

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