SpanSet are here to support current and new customers alike – how can we help you with Height Safety Equipment, Training & Inspection?
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SpanSet are proud to be supporting our Utility companies and their key workers who are working tirelessly to keep the lights on, mobile signals strong and televisions and radios broadcasting to the nation.

We maybe never give it a second thought that the lights come on, our favourite TV and radio programs are there to inform and entertain and our mobile networks enable us to keep in touch, however every day key workers are working at height up masts and towers (some over 1000ft high) to help keep these key sectors functioning.

SpanSet is a core supplier to many utility companies, providing Height Safety and Rescue Equipment, Training and Inspection Services.

Flexibility during Covid 19 – Manufacture:

All departments at SpanSet are being flexible in their approach to ensure we don’t let our customers down during this difficult time.  

Following government guidelines, our manufacturing department continues to operate safely, comply with legislation and still get safety critical products to customers.


Some examples of SpanSet equipment currently being used by key workers:

The SpanSet Wood Pole Anchor (designed and tested specifically to work on wooden poles - high visibility and with quick release buckles allows ease of installation) and our bespoke Hybrid Retractable Lanyard (specifically designed to customer requirements – to work to 140kg and be used on the front of the harness rather than the back).  A complete system, fully tested and backed by SpanSet’s technical expertise.


The bespoke soft loop harness designed specifically for the utilities sector with a soft attachment loop rather than (more conductive) metal one.  This soft loop is more comfortable for workers to wear as many hours are spent leaning forwards against hard edges. The colour is key for ease of Health and Safety inspections on site – they requested that a Confined Space Harness would be blue and a MEWP harness green.  This allowed the worker and inspectors to easily recognise that the operative had the right harness on.

What Height Safety Equipment can we help provide for you?

Colour coded harnesses - easily identifies the correct harness for the job.

Hybrid Retractable Lanyard - its' unique features will arrest a falling worker more effectively compared to standard fall arrest lanyards.

Pole Strap Anchor - designed and tested to create an anchor point on wooden poles capable of withstanding a shock loading; this means that it is intended to be used as part of a Fall Arrest System.

Flexibility during Covid 19 – Inspection:

As instructed by the HSE, inspections of Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE) and Lifting Equipment must continue to keep key workers safe.  Our Inspection Team have had to re-think how equipment inspections are undertaken and by working closely with customers they have been able to successfully achieve this.

If you need help with equipment inspections, please do get in touch.


*Video shot before Government social distancing controls put in place

Flexibility during Covid 19 – Training:

By reorganising our training, SpanSet are currently able to conduct several courses including MATS (Mast and Tower Safety courses) and Rescue & Evacuation whilst still of course adhering to all government guidelines.  

The theoretical elements of the courses are taken via a webinar to eliminate contact, with the practical training taking place at customer sites or at SpanSet’s purpose-built Training Centre. Customer and staff safety are critical and all government distancing guidelines are adhered to.

SpanSet online training allows essential height safety training to continue safely.

Practical training such as MATS Courses and Rescue and Evacuation continues whilst adhering to government social distancing guidelines.

SpanSet are here to support current and new customers alike – how can we help you with Height Safety Equipment, Training & Inspection?
Contact us on 01606 737494 or leave a message here.